Mega Drive carts look so cool. As usual, NA carts look pedestrian in comparison.


Yes! I always hated the look of SNES and Genesis carts as compared to their superior overseas counterparts.


I disagree. Think the only carts I thought were better looking were Famicom carts compared to NES carts. Don’t really like the side jazz going on on Mega Drive carts and while I have nothing against the Super Famicom ones I prefer the boxy design of the SNES ones.


You are Stefan Urquelle to my Steve Urkel. We are opposites.


Ciel in the status screen, Last Bible III, SNES via translation patch, PVM-1954Q


I’m interested in impressions on the game!


Only about 90 minutes in and don’t know a lot about it. I can’t find a ton of info online outside the fandom wiki, wikipedia entry. It’s part of the megami tensei games, of which I’ve barely played SMT: Nocturne and Persona 3: Portable. I’ve made it to the “tartarus” and recruited Cait Sith and a pirana flower(? forgot the actual name).

I’m looking forward to playing more but unfortunately I can’t provide much for impressions. Battle is first person like Dragon Quest, it’s turn based. Overworld map is like most 16 bit FF’s with towns/dungeons, etc. Ther also apears to be a day cycle aspect to it. After I completed what I could in the first dungeon it was back home to rest for the night (had to to advance the story). It’s interesting so far, wish I could play more. I’m hoping to play some more tonight but time change and children may decide that’s a solid no for me, lol.

edit, make sure to change text speed to fast if you try it, it’s painful at the default setting with each chest/shelf/barrel giving multiple dialogue notices just to check for items. I about bailed 20 minutes in before realizing I could change the speed.


Thanks for the impression! I always turn text to fast in games so I’m ok there


I should also note there isn’t one dungeon as implied in my ‘tartarus’ statement, there is an overworld and different towns, dungeons, etc. I think the ‘tower with increasing difficulty as you go up’ is only for recruiting other monsters…still trying to figure it all out, lol


Playing some Saturn SOTN while adjusting to the time change


Nice. I’ve got the 13" version of that PVM.


I love the placement of logos on your CRT. Looks like they’re real.


Thanks, that’s what I was going for. Two of the stickers are from the 3ds Sega Classsics release, and the GCCX stickers came from AmiAmi


Ossc Jpn md1 4K tv 5x



Holy shit this game is great! How have I never played this before now? Demons Crest is one of my favs but always ignored this one. (PVM20L5)


Yeah, I actually think its better than Demons Crest. The whole series is amazing though, you need to check out the game boy-original too, if you havent already!


I just beat it. Amazing. Wow,what a game. I used save states but only at the start of boses. The game is very tough but fair. More pics from a 20L5!


Random PVM 20L5 shots: