Some very early play of : Akumajo Drac X - SS ver.


Fantastic pictures! I will have to add to the hoard of riches here shortly.


Got the urge now to play this all the way. Although along with the pce ver. nowadays when playing with Ritcher I can never seem to beat it.


Still bouncing around optimal settings and shameless CRT mimicry, with my OSSC. Can’t really decide which profile I prefer the most…

Game Boy Interface - Low Latency Version (PAL GameCube at 240p/Line4x/Generic 4:3)


looks good FF GBA.

Akumajo Drac X. SS ver.

even after seeing the DF vid on retro Castlevania SoTN I still can’t fathom why Konami Nagoya team used the VDP1 chip for stuff like this

Then VDP2 for…

Anyway the rest


Haha, that sneering tree is epic. :smile:


F-Zero GX - GameCube (PAL60 video mode) > OSSC (480i, Line2x bob)


N64 with RGB mod, via OSSC, I just really dig this title screen, hehe.


Saturn Akumajo Drac X


Maybe it’s the camera - lord knows I struggle with taking good pics of my PVM - but IMO that’s a bit too sharp for my liking. A bit smoother, darker image would look better, personally.


heh I will try adjusting the sharpness on my camera tonight!


Interesting, on a CRT the stretched art of the Saturn version looks pretty much fine, because the pixels blend together horizontally.

I shit on SOTN a lot for its mediocre game design, but goddamn those pixel artists were at the peak of old school graphics.


Well, as long as we’re on the subject of Saturn SOTN…


Yeah, I was gonna say that myself— those shots look great. You can still see the “stair-stepped” diagonal lines but the image as a whole looks really good, and I doubt it’s something I would have noticed playing the port at the time.


IPhone pics same tv settings as always


How’s the compatibly with the 930e/x93e? My 800e doesn’t like anything but 5x on snes with my ossc.


Can’t get my SNES to show up at all :frowning:


Do you have a sync stripper?

I get mine to work @ 5x in HDMI port 4 (Sony XBR43X800D). I use the GSSCARTSW’s sync stripper toggle and then I go in and set it to optimum mode 5x 256x240 and then I sometimes have to change the resolution to 1600x1200 or the other 1920x1200. I then use my TV’s wide function to fix that. HDMI 2 and 3/Arc are designed for 4K and it doesn’t play nice with oddball resolutions (including 1080p)

If you are still having trouble, you can go into the pro menu and enable PC resolutions and put in 1600x1200 and it should work. SNES+OSSC+SONY took me a while to figure out.

I truly believe you can get it working it just takes a few tricks to get it to.


This is really great info, thank you so much! I’ll give all that a try. I had it in HDMI 4 already and it took the Mega Drive at 5x like a champ in both PAL and NTSC modes so I still have hope!


If you still get blocked out I can link you to the pro mode. Don’t update your firmware w/ that tv if possible. The latest 930 update made some people mad. Never auto update Sony firmware IMO.


Seems like Firebrandx found out something quite interesting, for those with an OSSC 1.6, a picky TV and a Framemeister.

From SHMUPS forums:

So check this out:

You can actually use the Framemeister to ‘condition’ the output of the OSSC into a signal that picky TVs handle no problem. The trick is to use the HDMI output of the newer OSSCs, pipe that into one of the HDMI ports on the Framemeister, and then use the Framemeister’s ZOOM settings to dial in perfect vertical integer scaling. I’ve got Dreamcast VGA Code Veronica set up like this, and it goes to my Sony TV without any issues. I just had to adjust the ZOOM_SIZE and ZOOM_OVERSCAN settings until the vertical height matches what it should be for a 1080p screen. The awesome thing about all this is there’s NO false contouring when you use the Framemeister to scale the HDMI feed like this!

From what I understand, the OSSC doesn’t really ad any lag, so this effectively turns the combo of the two into the ultimate compatibility scaling solution!

Gonna keep working on this and report back after I test other consoles with this trick.