Turned on the Wii for a hour and as usual, felt compelled to take some pictures. Output is S-Video to Trinitron.

Fantasy Zone (SMS, Virtual Console)

Double Dash!!


My replacement PCE IFU arrived with RGB mod. OSSC again


I hate that insta-kill painting. Gets in my head.


Hey look, my favorite thread is back.


I should say my shots above are on my 14L2 PVM.

These are from the OSSC on a Sony X930E…


few more Drac X Chi no rondo


Hudson Soft ports. PCE - ARCADE / OSSC


those versions look great!


Real quick iPhone pics here. Just moved and setting up the Blast City. No screen adjustments were made. Trying to get a baseline. MAME running through a 15khz program.

Splatterhouse and Rampage don’t look too great, I wonder if the resolution is off. Superman getting punched in the dick might be a winner though.


Some Dracula X shots from earlier


Here are some shots I don’t think I’ve posted.


TeaJay, that Chip n Dale is looking mighty sharp. What are you running: RGB Modded Fami, Analogue variant, AVS?


RGB modded AV Famicom, on my PVM-20M4E.


Gorgeous. It’s really impressive how good the RGB mod is for NES/Famicom. I love my modded AV Fami to pieces.


Here’s a few more 8-bit pics.


It’s almost time! are your bodies ready ?


Been messing around with the Wii VC through OSSC to my new OLED. Still learning this new camera though, as far as screen photography goes. Apologies for Metal Slug (X).


Sega Saturn, JVC 1950CG CRT

RGB SFC Jr, same monitor:

That above is me playing a randomised run of LTTP (entrance, enemy and item randomised. With luigi)


Looks amazing! Best pics I’ve seen from a shadow mask CRT.


For @Piggychan