Some Darius Gaiden for Saturnday. Promised myself I wouldn’t disrespect it by playing it with Composite leads, but the SCART cable I ordered is taking forever to arrive.


Batman Returns Sega CD and Android Assault. Framemeister with settings set to the best of my knowledge :rofl::rofl:


Didn’t work. Compatibility seems everyone worse


Ha, that sucks. I’m sorry it didn’t help.


My TV actually works with the ossc so I’m fine. It’s just a bit picky.


GRANDIA digital museum SS /ossc


How ‘bout some Red Cyclone?


Rocket Knight Adventures, one of the most beautiful games in Mega Drive IMHO


What game is this?


It’s Pocket Fighter.


As Galdelico pointed out, it is indeed Pocket Fighter. Pure nonsensical fun.


got my OSSC, and I am now in scanline heaven with the rest of y’all. Line 3x, scanlines 50%. Street Fighter Zero 3 CPS2 single board through a crappy, tiny Vizio. My main monitor is a 24" Asus which I already tested with the OSSC. I’m planning on upgrading to a 27" Asus (pair) in the very near future. I didn’t make any effort to optimize the shots through the camera. There were taken using video mode lol. Enjoy the hotties.


Gave the last tweaks to my ‘CRT’ profile for the GameCube (through the OSSC), last night.

(Mario Kart Double Dash!! - 480i Line2x [bob] > PAL GameCube at PAL60)

(Final Fight One - Line4x [Generic 4:3] > Game Boy Interface LL)


I just realized that post might have had a spoiler there… The Mario Kart DD looks very clean!


How about some Mortal Kombat?


came in the post today

Marvel Vs SF - Sega Sat / OSSC


This game is so fun! I’m trying to get it on my Saturn right now, actually. Nice shots!


I’m writing an article about the JVC AV-27D500 TV I recently picked up. Here are some pictures from the article:


Nice! That SFZ3 shot is especially sexy.


KOF 2002, MVS via my new board that I consolized, on my JVC 1950cg monitor