Nice shots! Reminded me I’ve had PS2 KOFXI in my collection for years now, never really played it much. With the right gear, game can look awesome.


I’ve always thought XI was pretty.


Picked up a 65" Oled today and my god,combined with the OSSC it provides the cleanest picture I’ve ever seen. This may do it folks,this may retire my PVM’s for good. Perfect blacks,perfect color,perfect GEOMETRY, all with lag that I don’t feel (21ms) and on a much larger display,I’m sold. The ONLY thing I miss from my CRT is the bloom,if that could be emulated some way,lag free,it would indeed be the perfect solution. Here’s some quick pics of Demon’s Crest at 5x mode and 56% scanline strength.


What are YOU playing today?





Well I’ll be right here if you want to unload some of your good ones like a god damn vulture. Your pickups have made me mad mad jelly in the past when I can’t find shit in my area and all I’ve gotten from cold calls is disappointment.


Lol I’ll never get rid of my last two PVM’s. Retire = wont use as much. Since I only have one console of each I’ll have to move them back and forth from room to room depending on which display I want to use,which is annoying. I’m honestly considering selling my collection and just buying extra consoles w/ Everdrives and another set of RGB cables. The games just sit on the shelf and I use Everdrives anyways.


I took a lot of my games to storage and just use everdrives.


Well I’m still mad jelly. Mad mad jelly. >:C


Welcome to the cluuuuub. I have yet to hook up my Framemeister to my set and I’ve had the tv over a year @_@. Once I move the Framemeister will move to the OLED.


Mehtal Slug. Can’t believe AES versions of these games go for thousands of dollars.


What monitor/TV is this? Looks like an older PVM with low TVL but still sharp tube.


Probably a consumer trinotron if I had to guess.


Yeah, old PVM1910 from ‘89. 300 TVL I believe. Takes RGB and Composite. Looks pretty nice.


getting to grips with VF 2 SS


Those look sweet. Actually picked up VF2 with my Saturn recently, but not playing it until I get my hands on a SCART cable. Any day now, LOL


TATEd one of my monitors to play some DaiOuJou, thought I’d share some pics.


In spite of the softer IQ of its RGB out (and 480i too, because of PAL unmodded console…), PAL XBOX can look pretty decent, through the OSSC:

RalliSport Challenge 2 - PAL60 > Official Microsoft RGB scart cable > OSSC - 480i Line 2x (bob)


I just love the N3DSXL screen for 240p content. M2 did superb work on the Sega 3D Classics line.


OutRun on my Sega Saturn, RGB to a Sony Trinitron late 90’s model.