Sega CD corrupt ram?

Im not 100% sure what else to do. A friend of mine needed his Sega CD model 1 repaired. Main problem (he thought) was a new battery. I talked him into letting me do a cap replacement on it. Fasy forward to after cap replacement. Before, you could select format memory, but it would do nothing and wouldnt stick.

Now, it seems to format, but, underneath the status it says:



Could this be a dead memory chip? I do have a doner board, from a second unit that someone (most likely him) tried a cap replacement on and burned most of the pads off. But the chip pads are intact.



Most likely it is a bad SRAM.

While the issues I had gave out different errors, I think the repair log I posted about it should be helpful:


Sweet thanks! Ill read this later. Love a good circuit breakdown.

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