Sega Game Gear Appreciation Thread: Separating The Men From The Boys


@D.Lo Inspired by your ‘MarkIII-telecon’s broadcast to GG tuner’ post above, my buddy wrote an IG post on a similar vision of retro-game streaming. :slight_smile:

@khaz I finally broadcasted my Mcwill-modified GameGear to another GameGear that has a TV cartridge, photos are in my buddy’s IG post below! Absurd maybe but so satisfying!


What on earth…?!


Millions of years of evolution all comes down to this. A feat akin to crossing the bering straight.


Lol I got banned for posting my YouTube video and sharing my friend’s Instagram. So no more links from now on. Here are the pictures of my Sega GG projects so far. Just did a big screen mod to my old trusty Citizen pocket TV. Playing Sega master system’s double dragon co-op on GG via the “GG to SMS controller 2nd-player link”, with my friend at Star Bucks was fun. Two guys staring at a 3.5” surely looked hilarious but we were unfazed by the onlookers


Definitely brought to the next level!


Got banned where? As far as I know we’d have no problem with that.


You should try checking the mod chat once in a while :joy:


Noted :sweat_smile:

Looks like our forum software auto-banned him. Not sure why to be honest.

I’ll investigate.


What have y’all created?



The forum has become self aware


Just for the record it was me who undid it :sweat_smile:


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Hahaha love it :joy:


Finally got around to recapping my Game Gear, and I’m very happy with the results. I’m fairly new to this stuff, but recently took the plunge on a good quality soldering iron, and it make quick work of removing all the old components.

In the gallery below I show the one major hiccup I had during the process, and how I fixed it.

Game Gear Capacitor Replacement


This is all kinds of glorious. Every time I see your Mark III it seems to have grown another part out of it.


Thanks a lot for your help. I think the AI went into “berserker mode” when I uploaded a picture via a web link of a jpeg from thingiverse site


Great work, and quick thinking in using a “jumper” wire to connect the negative leg of that cap to ground. I have a 7$ soldering iron and it is pretty easy to overheat, resulting in a curled up/ peeled off copper trace which ends (the solder pads) become non-existent. I now have a 2-way power bar close by so that I could manually turn off the mains supply when the iron gets too hot. This works pretty well even for soldering SMT components. By the way, if anyone is “mcwillizing” their GG, dun toss away the backlight. Those small CCFLs are fun to play with, you could lit a few sticks up wirelessly with a Tesla coil like what I did below with mine.


Haha that’s cool. Nice job on the mini TV mod.


I recapped my GG, put in a mcwill screen and swapped out the plastic lense for a glass one.

Pictures don’t do it justice but the difference is staggering to say the least.

Scanlines on and off

The scaling options are great and MS games look stunning!


Looks fantastic!