Sega Game Gear Appreciation Thread: Separating The Men From The Boys


That looks so nice, such a huge upgrade over the stock screen.



@Peagles @Vespa it’s hard to even put into words how big of an upgrade this was. The screen is very sharp and looks alot less faded and less bloomy in person.

The audio is so much better after the recap too. It went from muffled and quiet to crisp and loud. Infact it’s so loud it may be the only handheld id never use max volume with



Put up my article about the White Game Gear

Telecon Pack article is prepared to publish soon too :wink:



Awesome! I didn’t know there was a red one too.

The all white console collection + GG:



It’s beautiful :sob:



Is that a grey border/frame around the screen? that button colour is sexy af. The whole thing is a work of art.



Yes it’s grey rather than black.

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Forgot to ask… How is the scaling?




The first mode is stretch to fit
The second mode is a linear scale with a bit of overscan
The third is a weird zoom. maybe 3x scale? I don’t know why anyone would use it. Maybe its useful for the TV out mod which I didn’t do
And finally theres 1:1 which is too small for GG games but looks FANTASTIC with MS games.
There’s also a scanline variation of each mode.

I use the linear scale mode. Barely any of the screen gets cut off and I can’t see it being a problem. You can switch between them on the fly with a button combination but it’s a pain when you accidently call in the police in SoR while you’re trying to add scanlines !

The Japanese GG variants are works of art!






Seeing a number of (potentially broken) Game Gears being sold locally for dirt cheap has me thinking it may be a fun learning project to try my hand at recapping one. In terms of electronics difficulty, where would you place it? While the the McWill mod looks absolutely fantastic, it’s a little too pricy for a platform I only have passing interest in.



I grabbed mine for $10 with the battery covers intact, a carry case and a game. A recap kit is another ~$10

For a recap I’d rate it a 1/10 difficulty. Very easy and a great starter project !



I wouldn’t rate it a 1/10, just because unlike some other mods where you’d just adding new pieces, here you have to remove the original caps, and considering the small size (compared to a console) of the components, you could have some difficulty in removing them without damaging the pads on the PCB.

That being said, it’s pretty straight forward, and soldering new caps in is a cinch. So maybe 3-4 out of 10?

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Thanks guys, that all sounds very manageable. I’ll keep you posted.

As a side note, I think these kinds of projects are often much more interesting to me than playing the games. Kind of a real-world equivalent to the emulator tinkering rabbit hole I frequently fall into. :smile:



I’d listen to @BTails advice over mine. I’ve been soldering for 25ish years now and it’s easy to forget what others may find hard.

I fully agree with you. I get more enjoyment out of fixing and modding something then actually playing it. After I finished my GG it sat on my desk for 2 weeks before I picked it up last night and played some more SoR2.



As someone that’s fairly new to soldering and PCB work, I would agree with the 3-4 level of difficulty. Manageable, but as you probably saw in my post, I ran into an issue with lifting pads.

If you’re not careful when removing the old caps, it’s really easy to damage the pads under them. You need to ensure there’s enough heat, fresh solder and flux there to remove the old caps without using any force.

I’d you can manage that, the project is pretty simple, and a great learning experience.



I’d give recapping a GG 6/10 personally. Total pain in the ass.

But the scale is somewhat infinite, I would never attempt anything involving clean desoldering of whole chips like an NESRGB. I can RGB mod consoles fine and recapping is about my skill/patience limit.

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I messed up my first recapping, mostly because I had trouble removing the old caps and I lifted some pads. The screen sometimes blanks out because the connection of one capacitor isn’t completely stable. They all look fine and I couldn’t identify which cap was responsible for the screen dimming so I gave up and bought another one. The older one will be consolised someday.



Desoldering the PPU is easy when you use the right tool for the job. A proper desoldering iron is a must for that job



Finally did the telecon pack article, featuring the Grand Master Sega Voltron Challenge.