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Krikzz’s wireless Genesis controller is up. @rich it’s clear dude!


Oh man, this looks great. Price is up there, hopefully it’s of good quality considering it’s Krikzz’s first controller. His products are usually top notch, so I would expect it’s good, but I’ll be waiting for some impressions for sure.

EDIT: Krikzz on the controller feel from his twitter:


Oh man that clear controller looks great!! But dat price.


It’s a bit pricey, but a great buy for me considering I should hopefully be able to use this with other systems that also accept Genesis controllers.


Looks great and the price is inline with the 8bitdo stuff. If the controller reviews well I’ll definitely be grabbing two!


Sweeeet! £50 total cost with shipping too which isn’t bad


Did you get the translucent one?


Nothing yet - I’ll go for that one in the future though.



So the Genesis that I was given for free because the owner thought it was broken…turns out to work perfectly without any tinkering required. Normally this would be great news, but I’m pretty sure I just heard my wallet (and backlog) cry out in pain. :cold_sweat:

Seriously, though, I grew up in a Nintendo-only family and never paid much attention to the Genesis. (The Dreamcast was my first Sega system that I only picked up because of the $50 fire sale when it was discontinued.) I’m vaguely aware of its better games, but it’s rather intimidating starting from square one. I’ve skimmed some of the racketboy website which has helped, but the “cheapest good games” article looks to be very outdated. Anyone have some updated suggestions for it?

While my genre preference leans toward RPGs and shooters, these are inevitably the most expensive games, so I’m open to anything that’s considered worthwhile/affordable.


Since you like RPGs, Shinning in the Darkness is still reasonably priced.


Streets of Rage II is the best game ever.


Yeah, planning on getting that if I can find a decent price. The soundtrack alone sold me on it. (And changed my overall opinion on Genesis music.)


Shining in the Darkness is for sure a great pick, that was my first RPG (if you don’t count Zelda) And I still enjoy it. Phatasy Star games are also great depending on your taste, they run on the high side but you can still find them under $50.

Lightening Force from that list is also hard to go wrong with for a shooter. Though it’s raised in price, it’s still not outrageous.

If you like run-and-gun games, Contra Hard Corps is one of the very best in my opinion. It’s similar to Contra 3, but has a very different feel. Gunstar Heroes is awesome too but both of these are getting pricey, $40-80.

Also, don’t sleep on Rocket Knight Adventures. $15-30 sometimes with box. A great action-platformer and another favorite. X-Men 2: Clone Wars is another in this genre I adore, though it’s a very different game. It can be found under $20.

Lastly, the Genesis 6-Pak is an awesome collection and it’s the game I recommend everyone get, it’s too good to skip.


It’s still weird to me how the JP version has energy bars even though it was originally planned that way, heh.


Darn straight, I emulated the JP version after hearing that and by Jove, it’s true! It’s like you enter an alternate dimension playing it, or like a fan-hack easy mode.

Speaking of, I also found the Hard Corps Enhanced Edition hack and I really dig it. It mostly changes menu navigation, like letting you skip cutscenes and such. It’s what I love in a hack, a slight improvement on obvious issues without changing the major design of a great game.

Any recommendations on good Genesis hacks like this, or good hacks in general? I would mostly enjoy hacks with QoL improvements or new content. I get so tired of seeing sprite swaps only.


For shooters on the cheap I would look at:
Biohazard Battle
Forgotten Worlds
Sub Terrania (shooterish)
Wings of Wor


We need a Sub Terrania month.


I’m down


May topic will be up tomorrow, along with nominations and eventual vote for June. Sub Terrania will be one of the nominees!