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Luckily i snagged a fairly priced one on amazon awhile back…with the help of some reward points heh. It rotates between unavailable, astronomically priced, and one available at a good price. Just hold out for one i say.


I remember when it came in at Electronics Boutique while I worked there. I think we got one and maybe had one restock on it. Shoulda snagged it.


The Atlus effect. Its funny how now thats pretty non-existent :sweat_smile:


Anyone know of a better way to play import JP games than a game genie? I’d like to find a decent converter that doesnt need as much vertical clearance, but still works for stuff like Alien Soldier and Bare Knuckle 3. My current set up doesnt afford the space unfortunately.

If not, i guess ill just have to do some rearranging in the future.


Using an Everdrive would work great if you’re okay with roms.


Well i already have the carts so thats why i wanted to see if there was an alternative route. Im kinda surprised that there isnt anything similar to the powerbase mini at this point.


One of the reasons I ditched my 32x. I just didn’t have the height in my setup.


Region mod the system


Also because it is hot garbage.


Best home version of Virtua Racing.


aw man why ya’ll dumping on the poor 32x in here now

kolibir is arguably the best hummingbird simulator shooter OF ALL TIME

also Knuckles Chaotix wouldve been dope if they finished it


Yes, it would have been a great system if it wasn’t terrible.

Really though, I loved the idea of the Neptune, a 32bit cartridge system that wasn’t an addon. Too bad about the timing.



My friend just introduced me to this awesome video about sound development on the Genesis and thought I would share it here.


Hey all,

Looking to pair down my collection, and only hang on to the ‘essentials’ that I still regularly play/can’t bare to let go of. That being said, I’m letting go of my launch Sega Mega Drive (JP) and Japanese Mega Drive game collection in the BST thread.

Feel free to inbox me with any questions!


Did I completely screw myself over by promoting the hero at level 10 in Shining Force 1? I’m at the laser eye battle.


nahh, people say to wait for better stats (and sometimes characters take a bit to get back up to snuff, i thought zylo did this in particular) but it’s a fair call either way…i like to get the growing pains of the new class out as soon as possible, plus promoting is exciting.

good luck with the battle, do be cautious when using the main route/hug those corners!


Yeah I had the biggest wtf face on when it blasted the entire area.


My brother came across a PAL Megadrive abandoned in a field for who knows how long and half submersed in a puddle. He picked it up a let it dry out for a day in his airing cupboard and gave it me yesterday to see if I can get it up and working.

Upon opening I’m greeted with a lot of rust as expected:

So far I’ve cleaned off a good amount of the rust and cleaned up some bad solder joints and it works!

The Megadrive still needs more work doing to it and I need to check more of the traces to make sure none are broken. The RF modulator is very rusty and doesn’t seem to function so I will remove it. The Ground/RF shielding will also have to be thrown out as no saving that.

After it is cleaned up more I think I will also region and 50/60htz mod it with a single 3 way switch.


It’s inhumane to abandon Megadrives in the wild. Bring them to a shelter instead, where they can be given to a loving home! I’m glad to see you saved this ones life and that it’s getting better now. Keep up the good work!