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Thanks all for the suggestions. Good timing with the 15% ebay coupon today, too.


Try Sonic 2 XL just for the sheer absurdity.


Has anyone heard when the Genesis HDRetrovision component cables will come back in stock? I’m not invested in an RGB setup so that seems like the best option.


Just a quick thanks to everyone who chimed in on game suggestions. That 6-Pak was something I hadn’t heard of previously and I was able to snag it + a CIB copy of Sonic 2 for $9.00 on ebay. Seemed like a great deal:


Rocket Knight is a JAM. Great gameplay, awesome soundtrack.


I just finished Shining in the Darkness a few days ago. Great game, but please don’t use maps online and draw your own. Much more enjoyable that way. Also, it has a slow start.


Ah, I didn’t even know mapping was a needed thing for this game, sweet! I come from a background of Bard’s Tale/Eye of the Beholder/Wizardry style games so I’ll look forward to this even more. I’ll admit to being a bit spoiled lately by having in-game mapping like in the Etrian series, but I’m sure I’ve got graph paper around here somewhere. :wink:


Yes, I told @khaz to stop using premade maps in our Discord, glad to hear he did, the game is much more fun when you DIY.

I have really fond memories of playing Bard’s Tale on the Apple IIgs with my Dad and graphing out Skara Brae. I remember once we had finished the whole town, he took the graph paper into work, and transplanted our work into a graphing program and printed it professionally, haha! Wish I still had that now.


X-men 2 is the definitive “hidden gem” on genesis. It should be in every to 10 list, I love it to death.

Play Bare Knuckle 3 instead of SoR 3 and play the JP version of hardcorps as well.


What’s the general consensus on 3-button vs 6-button controllers? Any reason to get a 3-button? Or should I just get two 6s and call it a day?


Woah don’t post that here. Can’t you see the not for resale sticker, tou’ll bring the Feds down on us.


grab the 6. The 3 button controller is a little larger so some prefer it but I think the 6 is a great controller and I have fairly large hands


I have several 3 button controllers, but use the six exclusively. I like the size and the feel of the buttons.


The JP version of Hard Corps is so different due to the health bar system, its almost a different game. It basically gives you 6 extra penalty-free lives in the beginning, opposed to 3 lives that will strip you of your weapon upgrade if lost. If you can change that option then I’d say its superior for giving you the choice though.

X-Men 2 is awesome. It was one of my most played Genesis games growing up and to me when I think “Sega vibe”, that’s the game that comes to mind.

@Fester I’m gonna say 3-button is the way to go. It’s pretty much the perfect size and it’s D-pad is one of the best in history. Always thought the 6-button controllers felt too small and cheap. The Saturn pad is what I think the 6-button Genesis pad should have been.

Of course for the price I’d grab a couple 6-button pads as well in case you have any games that need them.


Wow, I disagree there. The 6-button d-pad is among the best d-pads ever made IMO. I absolutely adore how that feels. The layout of the six buttons is perfect too since you can turn your right hand over and put your index, middle and third fingers on the buttons with your thumb underneath to play things like Street Fighter II Championship Edition with incredible responsiveness.

The Saturn pad and the Genesis 6-button are a toss up for me which one is better. I think the d-pad on the Genesis one might make that one best for me.

The standard 3-button is great too, but for me 6-button all the way.


The moral of the story here is get at least one of each, it seems!


Heh, thanks everyone for clearing this up!


I’m on the six button bandwagon, just make sure you get the regular good one MK-1653. I have another official six button Sega controller that is garbage.


I ordered the ones with a turbo switch option… a mistake?


@Flizzzipper makes a great point. There were later revisions of the six button that are not so good. You want the ones that have all black buttons for A,B,C and grey on the X,Y,Z. MK-1653 as noted. I think this is where the confusion comes in when people say they don’t like the six button. They’re not using the original one SEGA released at the time of Street Fighter II Championship Edition’s release.

…for reference.