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This is the one I went with (MK-1470). Any concerns with it?



I don’t own one but I know the buttons are different and the d-pad does not have the same feel. It’s probably fine, but it is not the same.


I believe that one came with the revision 3 of the genesis. That’s not the terrible one I have so it might be okay.


I have this and it is not as good as the original 6 button. Also, have to agree with Dave on this, the original 6 button controller is easily one of the best ever made. Honestly, that d-pad sits at the top of great d-pads. Only the jp Saturn d-pad is better (or maybe even just equal). They are hands-down the greatest d-pads known to mankind. I know people like the original 3 button but for me everything about it is inferior to the original 6 button.


Agree with these guys, I have both and the blue-turbo ones feel a little cheaper and the D-pad is more… rolly? But it’s still a fine controller if it’s in good shape.

I wonder if there are any hacks/mods to put 6 buttons in the 3-button shell…


I have both a 3 button and a 6 button, and I prefer the size and feel of the 6 button, by far.


The one I posted above is the one you really want when looking for a six button. As @panopticblue notes, that d-pad is legendary. I’m fully convinced that through the years after its release as a standalone item that the revisions it got tarnished the original controller’s impact with regard to that d-pad and the button layout and performance. It was a work of art frankly. I pushed it hard when I was at Electronics Boutique.

I think it’s just a hair better than the one on the Saturn controllers. Nintendo has made a couple that come close, but nothing they’ve done has ever had that disc-shape design that Sega seemed to perfect on the first go around. It’s magical. The size is smaller too… in a really good way.




I need to grab one of these


Asking about it again since i havent in awhile. Anyone know a NA located modder that would region mod + cart slot widen a genesis 1?