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This is the one I went with (MK-1470). Any concerns with it?



I don’t own one but I know the buttons are different and the d-pad does not have the same feel. It’s probably fine, but it is not the same.


I believe that one came with the revision 3 of the genesis. That’s not the terrible one I have so it might be okay.


I have this and it is not as good as the original 6 button. Also, have to agree with Dave on this, the original 6 button controller is easily one of the best ever made. Honestly, that d-pad sits at the top of great d-pads. Only the jp Saturn d-pad is better (or maybe even just equal). They are hands-down the greatest d-pads known to mankind. I know people like the original 3 button but for me everything about it is inferior to the original 6 button.


Agree with these guys, I have both and the blue-turbo ones feel a little cheaper and the D-pad is more… rolly? But it’s still a fine controller if it’s in good shape.

I wonder if there are any hacks/mods to put 6 buttons in the 3-button shell…


I have both a 3 button and a 6 button, and I prefer the size and feel of the 6 button, by far.


The one I posted above is the one you really want when looking for a six button. As @panopticblue notes, that d-pad is legendary. I’m fully convinced that through the years after its release as a standalone item that the revisions it got tarnished the original controller’s impact with regard to that d-pad and the button layout and performance. It was a work of art frankly. I pushed it hard when I was at Electronics Boutique.

I think it’s just a hair better than the one on the Saturn controllers. Nintendo has made a couple that come close, but nothing they’ve done has ever had that disc-shape design that Sega seemed to perfect on the first go around. It’s magical. The size is smaller too… in a really good way.




I need to grab one of these


Asking about it again since i havent in awhile. Anyone know a NA located modder that would region mod + cart slot widen a genesis 1?


late here, but as someone who grew up playing & adores the 3 button arcade stick: yeah, six button pads are where it’s at, and clearly the design the GOAT saturn model 2 controller built upon


So as I mentioned last year in this thread, I got a Mega Drive for Christmas that I region modded and bought a Mega Everdrive for. But since then I haven’t really bought any new games for it. Until this month when there was a local retro game festival here in town. I picked up a bunch of cheaper classics for it like Sonic 1 & 2, Quack Shot, Super Street Fighter II etc since I only had two games for it so far. So there was a lot to choose from.

But of all the games I bought, for some reason I’ve been coming back to fucking Super Hang-On over and over this past week. I had never even played it before but I had of course heard of the series. And it was cheap so I thought why not? When I first tried it I thought it was alright but nothing special and kind of wrote it off. Mostly because I kept running out of time in the courses. But when I eventually got the hang of it it just felt really good to play. The handling is excellent and has some real weight to it. Racing at full speed and taking corners like a pro while dodging opponents feels awesome. And of course the music is just great. Never expected to enjoy a game I picked up on a whim like that so much.

Also just ordered a Pro Action Replay so I can play my Japanese carts without modifying the cartridge slot on my Mega Drive. Hopefully it works well.


Yeah, Hang-On is awesome and the mega drive port is great. It lacks sprites scaling from the arcade but the gameplay is on point, and that’s the most important.


i don’t wanna hear nothing about paprium until it’s in our hands


Check out this mail from Water Mellon which came this morning.

Dear Yakumo!

To English Readers:

On the 27th of October 2018, we are having a party in Paris, France. Let’s celebrate SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive’s 30th anniversary and the release of PAPRIUM. We understand this is a long trip but if by any chance you are around at that time, you’re of course very welcome. Please contact us at for booking and details. The party starts at 19PM for some talk with WM and some 16-bit fun and then turn into electro music feast from 23PM until 6AM. The event is free but booking is required in advance.
PS: We are working hard to ensure you to receive your games around that time but we can’t guarantee it at the moment. You will receive another email shortly to confirm your shipping address.
For the few people still awaiting for their refunds on Paypal, we are still looking for a solution at the moment, thanks for the extra patience.


I completely forgot that that game even existed. Like don’t even remember which version I have preordered…


I pre ordered it I don’t know how many years ago but I’m really wondering if we will get what was advertised with that one.


I’m not sure if the game will be as promised but we should have something within the next few weeks.


I haven’t received an email from them but im really not surprised at this point lol


I just looked up footage of this game. Looks pretty incredible. If it does release and is still available for purchase (and is as fun as it looks) I’d be totally down to buy a copy.