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The music is sounding great as well. I really love the first track here!


OMG… this is the year of the BEU if this actually ships!


i said what i said y’all


So I’m getting ready to start Phantasy Star III. I’ve had a copy sitting on my shelf for years, pretty sure I got it cheap from Game Crazy, but never actually cracked it open until now.

I found someone’s maps in here, and they’re amazing. I love discovering stuff like this, you can really tell the person who owned it before me loved it. Anyone else find interesting stuff like this in their games?


That’s very very cool!


That’s AWESOME. Love the fancy writing and care put into the map. I totally love finding this stuff as well. Hand drawn maps make me so nostalgic. I actually love drawing maps for games (last one I drew was Sweet Home on NES), as it really makes you feel engaged with the game and gives you a big sense of accomplishment.


That’s awesome. Whoever owned that definitely loved it. Wonder why they sold it?

I have started keeping my receipts with every game I buy. I figure someday when my collection passes on to someone else they’ll have a good time seeing how little I paid for some of these games. lol!


so cool, id love to get someone else’s map like that, haha

kills me that someone out there has my old copy of starflight with every single wormhole mapped out (messily) on the game’s map, haha


I love finding receipts in old game packages, especially if it’s something I bought online from another country.


A long time ago I picked up a bunch of Amiga & PC LucasArts adventure games from a charity shop. My most lucrative find so far.

They all contained period guides and walk-throughs: either torn out magazine pages, and printouts from USENET.

And of course hi-scores in the back of old manuals.


That’s an amazing haul, and in beautiful condition.

A bunch of my Genesis games have high scores written in the booklets as well. Sometimes it’s fun to try and beat their scores.


God, that Flicky cartridge artwork…


Flicky stays on my list, cause it’s a $10 game that needs to know it’s a $10 game, haha

and hnnnghhh gimme all those SCUMM classics, so much love <3


Told my daughter we could play a game this morning, and when I asked what game we should play, she said “DINOSAUR GAME!”

I ended up putting Jurassic Park into the Genesis. I played the everloving crap out of this game when I was a kid, but boy is it janky now. You really feel like you’re fighting the controls the entire time, the graphics are muddy with choppy animation, and the camera swings around like a drunk Euro-Platformer on the Amiga.

That being said, I had lots of fun chomping dudes as the Raptor, and my daughter loved watching it. I still prefer this game to the SNES one. Sega CD JP is the secret best


Here’s my 1984 Bally-Midway-Sega Flicky arcade cabinet:


Nice! It would be a cool cab to have.


Is there any way you could make high rez scans of those maps?


I might be able to scan them at work. I’ll see what I can do.


Cool arcade cabinet!


“Sega CD JP is the secret best”


IT’S NO SECRET, THAT GAME IS DOPE and kinda made me wanna be a paleontologist as a kid, later i’d see ross on friends and reconsider this