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Nice to see RGBoards has the same draw that our previous home did. RIP wallets.

Enjoy the game Morfeo, it really is an AV delight on Genesis, and a fun game. Like I said, I’ve only ever played the first stage, need to “git gud”, but I’ve seen a lot fo clips of some of the crazy effects in later stages, it’s awesome.


Not sure if Batman & Robin is considered legit abandonware at this point. I clearly remember Jesper Kyd actually having the rom up for download on his old website around 2008. I got it physically around that period for about $5, anyway.


Haha, yeah the retro-threads and the AV-thread in particular has been killing off my wallet for years now - and it doesnt seem like the board-change is stopping that train.


Thanks! I’ll take a look.


Night Striker also supports the MD analog controller.

For Japanese Mega CD stuff, I also like Game no Kanzume Vol. 2 (compilation of Mega Drive modem games) for Penguin Land MD and Teddy Boy Blues.


Has anyone here played Cuphead? Noticed some nods and references to Genesis games, made a video on it.


Awesome video. I love Cuphead. I was hoping someone would make a reference video. I think the face pillars are a Fantasy Zone reference.


Great video!


Everdrive question, guys, as I believe I could get a nice domestic deal, without having to look overseas.

Should I want to buy a Mega Everdrive mainly as a bios loader for my Japanese Mega CD 2 (in order to run American SEGA CD titles), and then maybe to try out some nice colour hacks/fan translations of games I already own, would a Mega ED X3 good to go? I’m aware of its limited specs, compared to the X5 and X7 models… What’s getting me unsure is that I remember X3 and X7 didn’t receive a pass, when the ‘multicarts/everdrives/cables incorrect voltage’ apocalypse happened.

I feel kinda bad to leave it there, as it’s so readily available and I rarely (if ever) see official Everdrives around here, but I’m not sure whether or not it’s worthy as a model on the whole.

Thanks in advance! ^_-


Here’s the list from DB Electronics:

Going from that list and the X5 can act as a SEGA CD memory backup cart I would just buy the X5.


Yeah, I guessed so.
I wanted to believe that ‘use sparingly’ could kinda redeem the X3, but no way.

Thanks! ^_-


Looks like the X7 may be the way to go if you want the best compatibility!

New OS update adds EEPROM save support!


According to db Electronics guide, the X7 is as ‘dangerous’ as the X3. And for that price… :confused:


You’ll be fine. That article was greatly blown out of proportion. If you look at the article now it says this

Let’s be clear that this article is NOT fear mongering, nor should the article be twisted in that way. In the article’s introduction I clearly state that I am an Everdrive user myself. There is no hidden agenda, my only intent was to inform people of a design flaw. Also, the explosion picture above is meant to represent how you should dispose of your NES and Neogeo Multicarts (not Flashcarts), after all, these are the only which I recommend to not use and to “burn”.


Stop using your Aliexpress multicarts, keep using your Everdrives – but know the design flaw.


Yeah, the multiple edits kinda confused me.
Sounds like the guy - after his very honest and comprehensive run down - got a massive backfire from the community (possibly some manufacturers too?), and felt forced to tone down his words. I mean, it doesn’t read like he changed his mind in any way… He swapped ‘avoid’ with an equally ominous ‘use it as little as you can, at your own risk’ formula. :smile:


Yeh it definitely seems toned down compared to when I first read it.


The article was very GAF like. He’s not wrong but the end result was blown out of proportion. I’ve never heard of an everdrive causing damage but I have heard of those cheap famicom flash carts killing systems.


Whatever Everdrive you choose make sure to take advantage of the 20% off on for Black Friday or if you are in the US the Amazon Gift card exchange (


Totally. I know Krikkz sells them but he stated he has used Everdrives for years now in hard testing, running hours on end testing the system and has never had issues.


Reason why I’m gonna get an X5 anyway. Just to be 101% sure. :smiley:
For some reason, I thought Krikzz store was based in the US, but they’re actually in Europe (they have a Polish address on the website), so it shouldn’t be a hassle to purchase from Italy, after all.

As per @Addicted suggestion, I’ll wait for the next Friday, and see if I can snag one for a nicer price.