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Traditionally the 20% discount is on all products. Stone Age Gamer is the American site that carries his products.


I find the shipping from Krikzz is much cheaper and faster to Canada than shipping generally is from the US to Canada. Other countries may vary, but I’ve bought three Everdrives directly from Krikzz and had 0 issues. I’ll be definitely picking another one up this Black Friday.


Last year the shipping was fast for me but it took over a month to actually ship. Didn’t mind as I wasn’t in any rush but something to keep in mind.

Also thinking of getting an X5 cos of the voltage thing. I only have an Everdrive MD currently so it would be a nice upgrade anyway.


damn that “EVERDRIVES GONNA BURN MY HOUSE DOWN” FUD still lingers…maaaaaaaaaaaaaan

wish one of y’all would let me take that SD2SNES board off your hands for cheap to help you out


Unfortunately the SD2snes isn’t one of the flash carts that will burn your house down with your family inside while neighboring houses catch fire which in turn catches a nearby forest on fire that ends up causing the terrible fires on the west coast of North America this year.

You heard it here folk, the forest fires this year were actually caused by a guy who just wanted to play his genesis.


SD2SNES is in the good list hehe :nerd_face:


Posted this on my Insta account, but figured some would enjoy it here… or not. Anyway, this was created with an app called Werble. Potential is there, just need to figure out which box art i should do next.


Wow… can’t stop watching this :+1:t4:


Seriously. That’s awesome.

Also, @blastprocessed, Japanese The Super Shinobi II plz.


That is a good one.


That is so cool!


Looks great! As a joke I would love to see this done with Sega Master System boxes. How about Black Belt, Action Fighter, or Pro Wrestling?


Phalanx on SNES!!!

DO IT!!!


That is amazing, I love all the particle effects from the rain to the fire embers in the sky followed by bellowing smoke. Really cool!


I second this one. Needs audio though: gotta hear that Banjo music.


I love it!

How about trying this sorcery on Ghouls ‘n Ghosts’ box art?

Or Another World’s box art, perhaps?

Splatterhouse 2’s Japanese box art would be cool, too!


@blastprocessed You should make a thread for this and take requests haha


I thought about it and have done another, but its not retro.


This stuff is seriously amazing. Wow.


Can I Harry Potter-ize my entire game collection please?