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I’m currently playing the T&E Soft golf games on Mega Drive through the PicoDrive emulator, which can overclock the CPU and makes the games a lot smoother and really very nice to play.


Dude that is awesome! :grin:


Wow. That would be amazing for actual game covers.


I got to check that out, must look amazing.


Youtuber finishes his complete US Genesis collection on black friday!


Impressive! Not only for completing the collection, but not buying it online. If I was one a way from a set, I don’t know if I could resist just picking it up on ebay.


The chase is better then the catch! The Ebay loop is vicious once you get caught in it.


That’s true! It would be hard waiting for a deal if you’re one game away! Is Dune expensive btw?


Listed for around $65 on pricecharting. The incredible hulk game he mentioned he got before that is really cheap though, heck I have it. No ebay is crazy to complete a set that big.


yeah, the guys on segaages who’d do full collections (…), id see them complete it, celebrate & sell the whole thing, just to start anew later.

…which is to say, i’m with socks: it’s gotta be about the chase.


Not for me. I would just chase down another set, than go for one I just completed. If this was 2001, maybe, but not now. No way.


Yeah, old and rare games are disspearing fast. I wouldn’t risk selling a complete collection.


I hit a point in the mid-00’s where I stopped selling things unless I was 100% sure I never wanted to touch it again. Thank goodness too, as so much of that stuff is now way overpriced and becoming scarce. I’m actually happy when I hit the retro stores that not much in there calls out to me like it used to because I have most of what I love. Every now and then something pops up though…


I figured this could be of some help, if you’re in my situation.

I was experiencing severe jailbars with my Japanese Mega Drive 2 and the OSSC - especially visibile in optim. modes with no scanlines - so I followed the advice some folks over at VGP forums gave me, and swapped my old Euro AV RGB cable (with sync stripper) with a C-Sync lead from RetroGamingCables.

I intentionally wanted to give their regular C-Sync cables a shot first, because - judging by the comments I’ve read, and also by the amount of new info on the website - I was under the impression they’re the ones that took the most advantage, in terms of buid quality (new resistors, better caps… You know, after the amp-armageddon), compared to their previous production, and possibly the Packapunch line too.
So - at least with my Japanese MD2 - I can report huge improvements. Jailbars got wiped off almost entirely: literally, if I glue my eye to the screen, on certain colours, I still notice a very faint ‘shadow’ (which I believe it can only get fixed through a proper mod), but the columns effect is gone and, from a normal viewing distance, the image is now crystal clean, both in 320 and 256 optim. modes.
I’m actually quite surprised and, needless to say, very happy with the results.




Behind-the-scenes picture from Sonic Boom live action movie?


I told you not to share that Sonic convention pic of us. I am taller in real life, it’s just the Knuckles suit that makes me look small.




When was that one beat em up game by Watermelon supposed to release again? I cant remember the name for the life of me…



I’m still super excited for it but it’s been delayed into 2018.

The soundtrack sounds really promising!