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Paprium. September of 2017 was the date which has come and gone.


Yeah thats what caught my attention too lol. That and there really arent that many classic style beat em ups. Sucks that it got delayed till next year, but i’m not really in a rush heh.


Well it’s cooler to say the Mega Drive got a new release 30 years after its original release then 29 years.


yeah, ive got an investor copy of Paprium paid for but ill believe it when it shows up, it’s been a goddamn circus

anyone posted on/checked out Xeno Crisis? it looks like a Smash TV clone’s approach to Alien Syndrome (but with randomly generated maps), and i’m down for it!


Yup, sounds like a normal Watermelon release. I also have a copy of it preordered…


I’ve never backed a kickstarter project and have never bought a new Sega Genesis game. Xeno Crisis does look really good and I’m tempted to pre-order it, but I’m concerned about the quality of the physical cart. Is it identical to the officially licensed ones?


Paprium looks pretty amazing. I definitely hope they pull it together early in 2018.


The attention to detail for this entire KS project leads me to think there’s no way they’re going to skimp on this. Although I could see the texture or luster of the shell being slightly different (not worse) from the ones manufactured in the 80s/90s, which is perfectly reasonable in my opinion.


speaking of new genesis games, this one finally showed up!

really digging it but MAN is it hard without continues, haha


That looks awesome.

Though I’m not currently backing Kickstarter projects as I’ve been burnt too many times.


Feeling kinda stupid for getting it now, instead of last month during Black Friday, but hey… Used some change left in my PayPal VISA card to finally grab a Mega EverDrive X5. :v:


yeah? which ones? i think i only regret mighty no 9 & maybe broken age (haven’t played it yet though, heh)

also: congrats on the x5! oh and man, this Xeno Crisis KS is doing better by the day, really happy for these dudes.


I think I’m going in on the dreamcast version too!


Yeah i dunno which one id go for atm. Unless the Dreamcast version is that much different…went with GunLord on DC, but thst was out of necessity lol. Still havent played Pier Solar yet.



kickstarters have just generally let me disappointed, not specifically games. I have apparently backed every category apart from theatre and dance!?!




So my friend gave me a Mega Drive 1 for Christmas! It’s a PAL one though, so I’m gonna have to modify it. I know there are a couple different mods out there, so which one is recommended for 60hz and NTSC compatibility? Also, I didn’t get any video cable with it since he couldn’t find any in his house. Are RGB Scart cables region free, or is it a similar situation to how the PAL SNES outputs different voltages in the video signal compared to NTSC units?

Feels nice having a Mega Drive again after all these years! My only worry now is do I even have the space for all the Mega Drive games I’m gonna get lol.


No idea about where to look for the best modwork, unfortunately, but I suggest you to head over RetroGamingCables for a quality RGB lead for your console. Their cables for the original MD are labeled as ‘Compatible with ALL Sega Mega Drive 1 systems’. You should be good to go.



Oh I’m gonna do the mod myself probably. Just wondering what’s the best one basically. :slight_smile:


I just put a three way switch in mine so I can switch between PAL 50Hz, NTSC-U 60Hz and NTSC-J 60Hz. Super easy mod to do yourself too.