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Ah, that’s interesting. Did you have the chance to try your modded console with the OSSC?
Can’t remember where, but I recall reading that the slightly different timings you get from a modded system - say, actual 60hz of an NTSC machine, vs the same refresh produced by a PAL console that is modded to run at 60hz - may not get along nicely with the OSSC. Never got around to test it myself, since I own a Japanese Mega Drive 2 and apparently it can’t be switched to 50hz.


Yup, works fine with the OSSC. Tested it recently on the 1.6 and our Sony x930e.

There are slightly different timings yes, so some choose to put in an NTSC timing crystal too, but I’m not that bothered, and haven’t run into any problems. I think @Rich has put in an NTSC crystal, if I remember correctly.


That’s brilliant, thank you! ^_-


Yep, very easy to replace and I have a bunch of them spare too if anyone wants one (had to buy in bulk!).


Thought you guys might appreciate the trophy we have been usong for the office NHL '94 tournament at my job. It’s a broken 6-button I hastily spraypainted gold and mounted to a hockey puck. We just added a second puck, like the real Stanley Cup, ha!


What exactly is different if you don’t change the crystal? I tried searching for the mod but could only find something about composite not working with the wrong divider or something, meaning you have to use rgb which I’m planning on doing anyway. That’s another mod though, right?


With a 60hz modded PAL console the timing is slightly off and not quite NTSC spec as the multiplication is of a different amount. As such you may have sync issues with some displays. That’s it really. It’s just a matter of accuracy.


Ah ok. I’m guessing that after changing the crystal to an NTSC one, the PAL timings will be off instead then? Not that I’d care much since I only buy NTSC these days anyway.


Yep. In fact, I haven’t even bothered installing a switch in mine - I just cut the trace, turning it into an NTSC console!

I may add an internal switch at some point but eh


Oh yeah I guess you could install them both and have a switch for them! Cool.
Well I ordered some DPDT switches last night so I’ll do the 60hz mod and see if I have any problems. If so I might hit you up for one of those crystals! :smile:


This is amazing lol


The greatest 16-bit sports game deserves a quality trophy!


Amazing! Don’t take this the wrong way but I love how shitty it is. I love that you can clearly see its just a wood screw holding it together.


none taken!


That trophy is awesome! Seems like you work with a bunch of cool people.


That is a SUPER cool trophy. NHL 94 is so much fun. I love that there’s patches every year to update the rosters.


Lol NHL 94 is easily the best Hockey game hands down.


I prefer '93 but mostly due to nostalgia. '94 is the better overall game.

Edit, looking through the old gaf thread for the good 3rd party 6 button controller (Hyperkin) and saw the 16 bit Resident Evil. Was that released?


Crusader of Centy, once it gets rolling, is ultra legit :+1:t4:


I’d like to find out someday. One of those games that I have no idea how I completely 100% missed and never even heard of till it started appearing on “most valuable games” lists. Which is an oddity for me since I grew up with the system and didn’t just get into it later in life, just one game that flew under my radar.