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Is Power Drift on the Saturn good? Is it Arcade perfect?


Oh man, you’ve been missing out on a classic all these years. I’m glad you got to enjoy this one.


No, it’s not Arcade perfect but it is the best home port outside of the Dreamcast which is Arcade perfect. The Dreamcast version can be found on the Yu Suzuki Game Works Disc.
It should be pointed out that the Saturn version is very good and does contain an arranged soundtrack as well as the original.


There’s also the awesome 3DS version of Power Drift.


I only got to play it for an hour or so. But it was a very memorable experience.

It’s a bit out of my price range to actually buy though.


Purchased a Phantom modchip on the cheap… going to install it on my skeleton Saturn. Fingers crossed! Will be great to play translation patches without a Pseudo Saturn.


What’s wrong with Pseudo Saturn?

My idea for Saturn was to get a JP saturn and get an Action Replay to run Psuedo Saturn. At least that’s what everyone told me I should do.


Version of Pseudo I have doesn’t work as a memory cart as well (do any of them?)… a minor inconvenience, but the phantom was cheap and I love any excuse to mod things.


Yes. Not something to sleep on. Excellent collection in the States.


Interesting analysis on the original Tomb Raider by Randomised Gaming:

These comparisons fascinate me alot.


I just found out Power Drift was released on PC


I don’t think that version was coded by SEGA tho…


The C64 version runs better than the PC, Amiga, and ST versions although it is less detailed.


i believe so! the game gear ones are on the Sega-CD release, so that just leaves the one gg chapter that stayed in japan.

i grabbed a few PS2 ones on the cheap but i’m really only interested in the ones Camelot did! love that series


god, ive been after that Suzuki Gamewworks for years now. every copy of the disc ive found online didn’t work for me, wish the legit one wasn’t $100+


Wow, the original is over 100 dollars? Man, my collection could buy a small house if I lived in the US. Games are so expensive there.


hah! for real, if you see gameworks (with the disc) for less than a hundred, lemme know!


@Yakumo It is crazy here. Games we know had massive print runs often have high value for really no good reason. It doesn’t help that for many years, Electronics Boutique/Gamestop systematically destroyed countless boxes for SNES/Genesis and the like with their used programs that valued only the cartridge.

From all I have read and seen, it is nothing like Japan. It sucks.


I’ve been playing the SAT version of Mechwarrior 2 and it’s surprisingly great! Obviously it’s a very… different experience from the PC original but the analog controls on the Mission Stick are great and it has good performance for a 3D game on the saturn…


That’s such a shame :frowning: