Sega Saturn |OT| - Playin' Saturn each day keeps Segata away!


Yeah it’s a really nice looking game. I’m not into fighting games but picked it up for 100 yen and played around with it for a while just cause everything looked so clean.


Guys, I built myself a nice little Saturn fight stick, and I’m dying to play some OBSCURE ass fighting games. Any recommendations?


Is darkstalkers obscure?


Good call, but we can go DEEPER. I’m covered on the Darkstalkers/Vampire front. Also have Waku Waku 7 in case anybody was thinking about htat.


battle monsters hyuck hyuck hyuck


Maybe the best game I ever purchased for $2.


Can finally scratch these off the list. Couldn’t get Hyper Duel off my mind these last few months, so I went and splurged. Gradius Deluxe Pack was also a long time coming, but obviously that one wasn’t that expensive.


Golden Axe: The Duel

Zero Divide
Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness
Last Bronx
Virtua Fighter Kids


This looks interesting! Thanks!


What about Rabbit? Or Sonic Council? Astra Superstars maybe?


What obscure? Try these.
Astral Superstars
And there’s some hi_rez dragon fighter called Eldorean or something like that.


what’s the concensus on the two Koei strategy games (PTOII and Heir of Zendo)? How do they compare to iron storm


My Life in Gaming guys said there was no quality difference between the Model 1 & Model 2 but Bob is saying that the Model Ones are better. Anyone here have two. I can assume the Model 2 board could have bad caps or something too. I don’t know if his methodology is right here. Then again, I don’t really know for certain. I am buying a Saturn soon™ and I really want the best picture possible.

He also used C Sync and from what I am hearing the best bet is to get Sync on Luma.

Also, I am leaning towards buying a Japanese Saturn out of convenience (and I like the color options better) of playing more Japanese games than North American games.


Can’t speak to PTO II, but HOZ is fun - but based on my experience, Iron Storm is far more engrossing.


I can only speak from my experience but I didn’t see any difference between a US Model 1 and a JPN Model 2 Saturn when using C Sync cables. I also have a US Model 2 but it has a dead laser. You should be fine with a Model 1 or Model 2 JPN Saturn and I agree that a Sync on Luma cable would be best unless your equipment requires C Sync.

Whatever model you buy make sure to buy a backup ram cart. You can save internally on a Saturn but the CR 2032 battery only lasts about a month and you don’t want to lose your saves.


my man Laevateinn just got back from japan & picked me up some of my bigger saturn wants on the cheap, even threw in a full color Shining in the Darkness guide with maps & all! so happy today

related: anyone know a good deal on a saturn driving wheel?


Nice pickups & that Power Drift👌 A game I always wanted to pickup.


Nice pick ups! Do you own all of the Shining Force games now?


I started thinking I would run some quick tests on the new projector set up to make sure everything was going to work as well as I wanted to and well … it didn’t. It did eventually get it working enough to play some games though.


Today I played Elevator Action Returns for the first time. I had no idea this game was so damn stylish. The music alone makes the experience.

But the animation and game feel is fantastic too.