Shinriji’s Brazilian Potato Streams Bakery - OPEN NOW

Hello there. I’m Shinriji, best Brazilian gamer and streamer around here. My motto is overselling and underdelivering.

My twitch channel

I play mostly retro and in their original hardware. I enjoy fighting games and Sega/ Tec
Toy. PS1 is the goat. Probably the only streamer in the universe that does Neo Geo CD.

Objective - Manage to play some games while trying to convince wife that “its a side job, I’m not slacking off but MAKING MONEY” (yeah right).

Stick around.


YESTERDAY MENU - Ghost in The Shell (PS1 - JP) full playthrough

PS - why the thumbnail isn’t showing up?


What does a twitch thumbnail normally look like? I never use the platform.

Just like a embedded youtube video. Maybe I’ve done something wrong.

I think something changed in Discourse that broke twitch thumbnails as I’ve not been able to get them to work of late where as in the past they auto displayed fine.

Also make sure to subscribe to @Shinriji Twitch channel.

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Got my RGB scart Sega Saturn cable, so streaming SS games are now possible! Today gonna make a premier with SS classics.

Anything that you guys wanna see live?

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YESTERDAY MENU - Sega Saturn Extravaganza with Burning Rangers, Shin Shinobi, Virtua Cop 2 and X-men vs SF

Burning Rangers, Shinobi, VC2


YESTERDAY MENU - Shinobi Den (Saturn)

Last stage broke me :weary: