Balb's weekly retro livestream spectacular

Lately I’ve been doing variety livestreams (mostly for the RGB Discord community) where I sample a selection of games from console libraries I’m not as familiar with. It’s a fun incentive to explore the more obscure games and showcase games people might want to know about (or laugh at as is the case many times). It’s also an interactive stream where people who are more familiar with the game libraries can recommend games for me to play and give tips when needed which is really fun.

So far, I’ve done streams focusing on the Genesis, PCE and NES/Famicom. I use original hardware with EverDrives (that probably won’t/can’t be the case in the future).

So let’s get to the details!

When I stream: Typically the stream starts on Saturdays at 1-3pm Eastern (US). The streams typically last about 3 hours. If you can’t catch the stream live, I upload the archive to my YouTube channel!

My Twitch Channel: - follow so you can get notifications when I start streaming! If you can catch the stream live, you get a say in what I play and can laugh at me dying repeatedly in real-time!

My YouTube Channel: - subscribe so you can find the stream archives right after they’re uploaded! I also post other kinds of retro-related videos every now and then.

Past Stream Archives:

Stream 1: Turbografx-16/PC Engine Games

Stream 2: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Games

Stream 3: NES/Famicom Games

Next Stream: I feel like I only scratched the surface with NES/Famicom games and want to do a second stream showcasing more games.

And finally…

Look man, playing games you haven’t played before is harder than you think when you’re looking at the chat constantly and trying to be entertaining!!! (I’m not being defensive or anything…)

Hope to see you all on Saturdays!


Don’t worry, we don’t think you’re that bad at games! It must be hard focusing on chat as well as playing, but the struggle itself can be entertaining; I think we can all relate to the unforgiving nature of many retro games!

Really enjoy watching these, thanks Balb!

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Will check when I have time!

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I feel like the stream is a weekly must watch. Really entertaining, especially live. Everyone should tune in. :+1:

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While I’m usually at work during the hours Balb streams, I always look forward to watching them afterwards and try to participate in the live chat a little when the store closes and I no longer need to interact with customers.

Keep them coming!

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Streaming NES/Famicom games right now!