Plug your video game social media channels and account here. (Podcasts, Videos, art, photography, written articles and all that good stuff!)

Noticed that RGB have a plethora of talented individuals so if you want to show off your retro gaming work, get any constructive feedback, promote any relevant video game events or just want to shameless plug your video game-related stuff then post it here :slight_smile: I could do with watching more retro video game videos on youtube and I’d love to listen to other video game podcasts aside from the CUPodcast.

Delete if a thread like this already exists. Didn’t find anything on the search.


Not much here since life got crazy shortly after I got my capture set-up…but no commentary playthroughs(I guess they call them longplays?) of whatever I feel like can be found here:

Written thoughts/musings accompany each video in the details section.

Waiting on @balb so we can capture some beat-em-ups :eyes:


Sweet, I subscribed :slight_smile:

I got an Instagram channel I use to post my video games photos: a_retro_game_a_day

Here’s my blog of assorted mods and builds:


Hey everyone, figured I’d bump this thread and promote my social media stuff and what not, as well as encouraging more people to post theirs!

Here’s what I’m active on:

Instagram name: neiloar (haven’t set it up yet but would still like to follow people for when I do)
YouTube Channel (retro gaming mostly):
Twitch Channel: (I stream at least once a week and am trying to get this off the ground)

Of course I always do follow backs with RGBers :smiley:

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After getting my saturn rad2x cable, I’ve gotten back into uploading youtube playthroughs - I had an account for that purpose but I stopped uploading for a while because my og xbox broke and I felt a bit crestfallen lol.

Currently my “big” project is uploading a complete walkthrough of the Saturn version of Blam! Machine Head. I wanted to do it since nearly every videos of that game are either only the cutscenes or don’t get past the first level.

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