SOLD: CPS2 Games.

EDIT: Sold: Sigma Supergun and controller.
EDIT: Sold: CPS2 Games and A board.

I’m selling off a unique set of Sigma equipment.

The Sigma gear includes the following:

AV-7000 supergun
9000TB arcade stick
S-Video Cable
Paperwork and instructions
CPS2 Jamma harness with built in Kick
Extra Jamma harness
New midi cable for the 9000TB
New midi to DB15 cable I made
Extra assorted cabling

This is a really cool set of equipment. I used the included paperwork to make the cable to allow the controller to work with other set ups like a HAS or a Neo Geo. Google Translate is great! I don’t have an RGB cable for it but you can still have them made easily. The S-Video output is surprisingly good. The boxes are in pretty good shape for how old they are.

I don’t have a good metric for this set up but I’d like to get $300 OBO for the whole kit.

I’m also letting go of two Japanese CPS2 games. I have installed Infinikeys in both boards so they are future-proof. I also have a bunch of art for Zero 3 but I don’t know if it is repro or not.

Streer Fighter Zero - $125
Street Fighter Zero 3 - $250

I also have a USA Labeled A board that I could potentially let go of if someone needs one to get a whole set up started.




Hope it finds a good home.

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Thanks, me too! It’s a great way to start an arcade set up and to get into the hobby.

Bump, Price on super gun kit dropped.

Bump, price on supergun kit dropped to $300.

Sigma Supergun and controller sold! CPS2 games still available! Get your arcade set-up started here!