Stuck headphone plug in Nintendo Switch

I’ve got a friend with a Nintendo Switch that has a headphone plug broken off inside it. The plug is about half way down into the jack.

I’ve looked this up online and found various fixes (or things you can try) but everything seems risky save one thing… a $25 tool that’s designed to go in there and grab the piece and pull it out.

I figure this is the best board I know for tinkerers so maybe someone has had this happen on one of their devices and managed to fix it? Would the GripStick be the foolproof method?

…or should I try more interesting options like the super glue with a pen trick or a hot paperclip? LMK what you all think. Thanks!

I’ve gotten the headphone plug out of phones with blue tack before, superglue on a cut-off cotton swap or pen should work the same way.

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OK. I’ve seen those methods. I’m not sure now if I’m the one who’ll be trying to fix it again or if the friend will be, but I think I’ll give that a shot first if it’s me.

Just don’t use too much glue or you’ll end up with a pen stuck in your Switch

There’s a dirty joke here somewhere.