Stick drift fix

This is really cool… maybe some people in here might find it useful.


yooo this looks amazing

Looks like a great solution but it’s still infuriating that we have to go through with stuff like this on pretty much every controller these days. We didn’t used to have this issue, at least not to this extent.

Yeah, it’s not really the controllers fault though… they all use the same ALPS parts, and they just don’t last.

It would be great if ALPS could get their shit together, or the manufacturers could find a better solution.

Another great fix it you’re into soldering and tinkering, is buy new thumbsticks and replace them. You have to beware of knock off ALPS stuff though, as they’re far worse quality.

That’s very good to know, thanks for sharing @raskulous.

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Need this for joycons :sweat:

Hall-effect sensors (as used in the Dreamcast pad) are better than these potentiometers. I think there’s other tech out there they could use instead too, but they’re sticking with these due to cost I assume. Hoping all these lawsuits get them to move on!

The reason I didn’t pony up for an Xbox Elite pad since they’re still using these.

Yeah that was my reasoning too… I was having stick issues and decided to go buy an Elite. A week later I discovered that it uses the same ALPS sticks inside and returned it immediately.

Yep, I’ve never had a problem with drift on any Microsoft pad from the 360 to the Series X. Same on my PS2 and PS4. Am I really lucky? I doubt it.
It’s the switch which is a problem. My son had 4 joycons go bad on him in a matter of two years. Now that is an issue.