Stunt Racing Games

Not retro but Forza Horizon 4 has user generated Challenges and people are building Trackmania style stuff in it. Crazy.

Guess there is an upside to the series going all live service…

It seems the Horizon team picked up on this, adding a new mode in the just-announced Horizon 5 catering for stunt tracks specifically!

Cruisin’ Blast heading to Switch!

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Switch trailer up!


I’m hyped for this. It’s as good a stand in for a new Excite Truck that I’ll ever get.

That looks really cool, can’t say I’ve ever seen it in the arcade myself though!

Such a shame that Cruis’n Blast ended up being a garbage “on rails” rollercoaster, rather than actual driving.

Cruisin’ Blast of the biggest disappointments of last year for me.

Motorstorm Apocalypse executed on the dynamic destruction angle well, thankfully, really glad I finally got round to playing it earlier this year. Was not expecting Evolution to take the arcade racer route with it.