Summer Games Done Quick 2018 | Higher Goals than the World Cup


I heard about that, I’ll have to go back and watch it.

I watched the castlevania block on youtube, and it was really good.


Good stuff. I should checkout both Tomb Raider and the Castlevanias.

Any other recommended runs? Most of the runs I caught this year were troubled (Metroid Samus Returns, Wind Waker). Only other run I can recommend is SMB3, and even that run featured a soft lock and a dropped controller by one runner resetting the other’s console .


I agree, the SMB3 race was totally legit. Same with the zelda race.

i’ve been watching the FFVI run in bits and pieces, since that is my favorite FF.

I REALLY liked the mario maker blind team race. That was a lot of fun. It really shows you the skills some of these guys have.