Summer Games Done Quick 2020 | Business is Zooming

SGDQ 2020 is this week! SGDQ will run from Sunday, August 16th at 11:30 EST all week long, with the finale sometime in the morning of Sunday August 23rd. All the info you need is right here:

GDQ Stream:
GDQ Schedule:
GDQ Website:

Viewing party discord if anyone wants to join us:


Perfect birthday present. I say as I delay watching it since I’m still finishing up the last ESA event and have a few days till my prime sub is free again. :3

I’ll be looking forward to the Hollow Knight Any% race, Ocarina of Time Co-op, and Elevator Action Returns 1cc.

A Hollow Knight bingo race would be cool. The HK community have been refining the bingo board, and the randomiser mod for the last few months, and it’s quite entertaining. Races can go for up to 2 hours though.

There’s a few cool games included which don’t see much attention too.

Surprised there’s no super Mario World or 64 runs.