Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 | 100% Glitchless

Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 is a 7-day event (from January 7th - January 14th) benefiting the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Featuring over 150 events, AGDQ 2018 will continue through every hour of every day over this coming week in an effort to raise the most money possible for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. More, a number of bonus events are locked behind donation goals and different events have various prizes that donators can win as an added incentive.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1985 and is the only nonprofit in the United States focused solely on cancer prevention and early detection. The Foundation has invested nearly $142 million in support of cancer prevention nationwide through research, education, advocacy and outreach. While most groups were focused on cures and treatment, the Foundation’s work sparked the conversation on the possibility of preventing cancer.

GDQ has partnered with to stream this whole event.

This schedule is converted to your local time, no having to deal with timezones!

Don’t forget to check out the Prize Index and Bid Index to see incentives and prizes you can win just by donating!

Missed a run? Here you will find the VODs for past runs. Now Live!

Once again we’ll be using Discord to discuss the marathon! Jump on in and be sure to check out the rules before spamming.

Click the SPONSORS banner to view the official list of Merch sponsors including The Yetee and FanGamer!

Thanks to TUSR and NormalFish for putting together the thread. If you have any suggestions, please contact @Fish via PM or in the Discord linked above. Enjoy the marathon!

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Nice OT! I hope to catch most of this since I happen to have a ton of free time during those days!

I tried too late to get tickets, but I’ll be there next year!

Will anyone be there? RGB meetup? I live close by, this will be my second year attending. I won’t be staying at the hotel, though.

The worst part of AGDQ is not being able to get anything else done while it’s going on. :c

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I forgot this started today; starts in about 5 minutes!

I watched the F-Zero GX portion yesterday. I was really impressed by the play and the explanation of all the techniques was great. Unfortunately at the end they wouldn’t let them show how snaking works to get similarly fast times but with hand ruining results.

That kinda bummed me out. I think I enjoyed the 1CC Marathon a lot more last year because it was a lot less “produced” for lack of a better word. It was clear that they were all just having fun playing the games really well. My kids still walk around saying “DUNK!” because of Pasky dunking dudes with Haggar.

Anyway, I’ll still tune in for some stuff. The way they break the games is always interesting.

I would say it has gotten less enjoyable every year, just because it brings an increased level of production each time. I like the charities they support, but I can’t leave the volume on due to the oftentimes depressing and/or inside joke messages that get read.

Overall it’s a great event for what it sets out to do, which is raise money.

I wish them the best of luck though.

The inside jokes don’t bother me. The general “humor” does though. I apreciate what they are trying to do with the more family friendly “fun” but it’s just not for me. Old person yelling at cloud but I just miss the older events. Still worth watching but it’s becoming more painful remembering what it use to be.

Not sure what you’re doing here. I like the events, but if you can’t handle constructive criticism then just refrain from replying.