SWOS 2020 (Sensible World of Soccer, updated to run on modern machines)

The Sensible Soccer series is often considered the greatest football/soccer videogame of all time. In particular Sensible World of Soccer which was the final version with player/manager mode and teams from around the world.

Since the late 1990s fans have taken it in themselves to update the team rosters in the game and numerous updates have been released.

With 2020 the game Amiga and DOS games have been reverse engineered and rebuilt using modern libraries, meaning this is quite an update!

  • Native Win32 version for the first time!
  • Amiga/Win/Mac/Linux support
  • USB Controller support
  • Choose between Amiga and DOS-PC gameplay/physics/resolution
  • Widescreen Mode 16:9 support
  • New scoreboard style
  • New stadium graphics
  • New field/pitch pattern graphics
  • Customizable teams/sound/graphics
  • Season 19/20 team data
  • Online or Local multiplayer


  • Original SWOS game disk image or GOG download required
  • SWOS 2020 update is free and fan-made

Update Downloads:

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Launch interview & matches: