The Nintendo Virtual Boy |OT| Batteries Not Included


You $*^%@ing people are going to make me buy one of these! :sweat_smile:


When I first found this group I had a few retro games on Wii VC…now I have a house full of CRT monitors, consoles, computers and games.


You’ll retire a year later in life but you’ll be surrounded by consoles and CRTs when you do. It’s a solid trade off.


I already had a problem before RGB. It has only gotten worse since. HD Retrovision Genesis/Neo Geo component cables are on their way…


I’d recommend against it tbh. Like I don’t consider it as hot of garbage as say, the 32x, but it is mostly a curiosity. One that will burn out your eyes even if it does have at least one steller game.


I would still recommend it a week after picking mine up.

It’s a curiosity because of the interesting circumstances behind its development, but there’s also nothing else quite like it out there and if you’re a fan of Nintendo R&D 1 their games make it almost essential in my eyes. The T&E Soft and Hudson titles are great too.

Haven’t had any issues with my eyesight or headaches so far - as Yokoi mentioned in his biography it’s probably actually good for your eyes. There’s some recent anecdotal reports that suggests that’s the case too with modern headsets.

I ordered a loose copy of Wario Land yesterday, looking forward to playing it!


Its probably my most wanted console. I remember when they were $25 at Wal Mart and even then I was waiting for another price drop,lol. I’d want one thats already fixed though.


Finally beat the second level on Teleroboxer. It’s pretty good game design so long as the player is patient I think, as the fight mandates that you learn to use each arm independently.

Took me a while to realise that when you hit the enemy’s head, replacing it up top, you need to be super fast with a side swipe using the other arm while you’re doing that.

Unfortunately the battery backup on the cartridge is dead (I’m surprised Galactic Pinball is still fine!) so my chances of actually beating all seven fighters on this have fallen from 10% to 1%.

Need to look into replacing the battery I suppose…


Finished Jack Bros and moved on to Panic Bomber for now (replaying Jack Bros as Jack Lantern), but I couldn’t help but admire the manuals for both games.

The Panic Bomber manual is almost a whole manga booklet, and I love the character designs for Jack Bros.

Jack Bros

Panic Bomber



Japanese games all day every day.

PS: cool use of hidden details forum post


Is it just me or are all the cheapest copies of Jack Bros on eBay brand new? Just want to make sure I’m not doing something weird when I’m searching.


Not sure - are you looking for North American or Japanese copies?

It does seem like some eBay sellers are hoarding unsold stock, and selling it as boxes of 20 or 30 too. Haven’t seen that with Jack Bros yet though


I don’t mind which region. Just thought I was getting odd results. I’m not getting any US results, only Japanese copies and all but 1-2 are brand new.


Ah, same here (as well as a box of 20, funnily enough). Are you using the mobile app by any chance? I’ve noticed a lot of VB stuff doesn’t show up on it for some reason. I had to switch to the website just to order a game earlier this week as it wouldn’t show up via the app, even when I searched for the seller. Noticed it was an issue last year as well, before I had a Virtual Boy or any games. Strange.


Yeh I switched from the app when I couldn’t find a single copy of Jack Bros and knew something must have been up!


Does anyone know if a soldering iron absolutely necessary for replacing batteries on a VB cart? While Galactic Pinball amazingly still works fine, Teleroboxer ran dry and I’m going to assume the worst when VB Wario Land arrives.

Maybe it would be easier to just play through Wario Land in one sitting? But Teleroboxer is becoming a challenge - while I made it to round 3 without losing once I already felt slightly worn out to take on another tough opponent haha


Probably not. You could probably get away with some electrical tape.


Thank you. I might ask a friend to help me then.

For now I’ll probably play through Wario Land in a single sitting - unless there’s a benefit to saving your game outside of picking up where you left off? Hoping there’s a high score element that encourages repeat playthroughs!

I was reading this article about unreleased/cancelled VB games last night and there’s quite a lot here that I would dig. The first party stuff looks really cool as well, Dragon Hopper looks like an action adventure and Zero Racers is Nintendo R&D1’s take on F-Zero?

I have to wonder whether the VB could have built up a larger (but still small) library high quality games if Nintendo just kept it around for longer. I have no idea about software sales but these games were almost ready to be released anyway. While the system didn’t reach 1m sold it was only realistically on the market for 6-9 months! Maybe hardware sales fell like a stone shortly after launch?


Less than 1m is just not enough. You’d need at least 4x that much for the first year even back then to justify development.


I should of bought a Virtual Boy back when they were cheap, it is such a cool system.

I will not buy a Virtual Boy
I will not buy a Virtual Boy
I will not buy a Virtual Boy…