Looking for someone who can repair my Virtual Boy

So I got my Virtual Boy from my parent’s place. It used to just have garbled graphics but now it doesn’t even turn on anymore. I was wondering if anyone here feels confident enough to take a look to try and repair it. I’d pay for shipping and also pay you a reasonable price for your services.

It was in great condition only a few years ago, but then just started not working after years of sitting in its box. It was never abused and handled very delicately.

Let me know if you think you can help. I was going to use eBay to try and find a repair-person, but would prefer to go through the RGB community first.

Sounds like dead capacitors?

Hopefully somebody can resurrect it.

console5 sells a cap kit for the system, and it would likely be really simple to replace them.


If you can’t find anyone here, I know Mobius Strip Tech does VB fixes. He has my VB right now to install my virtual tap, and while he has to just do the permanent fix for the lenses. Not that mine had issues but its just a matter of time.

I actually think I figured out the issue - the cart slot needed some isopropyl alcohol.

I got it working now

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