The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread


To be fair, those PSP collections are pretty nice. They have a decent wrapper on them with historical background and artwork. It’s some of Digital Eclipse’s better work. I think there are remixed soundtracks too.

Vertical screen display options too.



That’s nice. At least there’s an insentive to buy the set. The artwork I don’t really care for as it’s normally stuff I’ve seen before or can see elsewhere. The remixed audio and tate screen options are very nice though.



This item has been stuck in a box for over 8 months. It was originally bought from Aliexpress for 8 US Dollars, shipped. I’ve tried looking for the item again but it seems to be no longer listed on the site. Sorry, but no link for this one.



Known as Mutant Fighter, this very obscure fighting game from Data east (Must be obscure since I only knew it as Death Brade) actually got a few ports with one being almost arcade perfect. Let’s take a look.



Yeah!!! It’s not a Famicom on a chip system. What we have here is a Mega Drive clone from our friends at Pow Kiddy.

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Finally it’s here. after much demand I present you the top 10 Chinese Knock Offs - Handheld Edition.

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Here we are with the granddaddy of bike racers. It’s Hang-On.

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Here we go with yet another amazing product from Retro Flag. This is their Mega Drive themed case for the Raspberry Pi. In this video I install a Pi3 Model B+



Regular viewers of the channel may remember the Fujitsu FM Towns I bought a few months back. Well, that unit has been sitting there waiting for some TLC and in this video it finally gets some.

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De-solv-it is such great stuff, I use it a lot myself.

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Many have asked and here it is. Battle of the Ports Fatal Fury Real Bout Special.



Do you happen to know if Fatal Fury Battle Archives is another situation where its a port in Japan, and emulated in the west or did we actually get the same as Japan?



I though both were ports but it has been brought to my attention that both versions are emulated.



Just watched this one and nearly lost it when you checked out the SNES style pads, “Yeah… Yeah that’s a shit controller!”



I love the Saturn Neo Geo ports due to the remixed soundtracks, it’s so hard to go back to the honky original synth after them.

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Yep, I loved the game on Saturn!

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Hehe, I get sent many of these items for review purposes but that’s going to stop me saying something is total crap :slight_smile:

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Can you believe that Victor Japan (JVC) have put a claim on this video for the Famicom Classic’s version of the Mappy music? Seems Victor Japan is Namco’s money grabber since they’ve also claimed various other Namco game videos I’ve put up. So sad (-_-)

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Here’s a new BOTP for this week that many people requested over the years - WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game.

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