The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread


Ohh I have been slacking off and have some catching up to do… KOF98 though, thats my kinda jam :slight_smile: Will be making sure to check that out. Thanks as always.


I think you’ll like KOF ‘98. That and’ 97 are my favourites of the series. From '99 they started to become pretty awful although I did hear the last few games have been good.


97’ is my fav also, love the ambient sounds… and who can forget the Bali stage


Known as Sonic Wings Special on consoles, this arcade version is quite rare. So rare many people don’t even know about it. What’s more odd is that the original games ran on Neo Geo Hardware while this one does not.


The Sega Master System is a console loved by millions all over the world yet many seem to think it’s a very weak system.
Is this a true statement? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Retro Core 5 - Sega Master System Special.

Featuring hardware over look and over 30 games!


Well now I need to hunt down a copy of Saturn Sonic Wings Special. Retro Core, always making me spend more money lol.


You’re very welcome :smiley:


Its Trojan and no, not the Trojan you are thinking of (^_^). This week on Battle of the Ports.

Note that the Capcom Arcade Classic versions are not covered since they are just the arcade rom being emulated on different platforms such as the Xbox 360 and PS3


Happy New Year to all and to celebrate here we go with the first video of 2019 released on January 1st.

This is the updated version of the RS-97 otherwise known as the Retro Game. Or as a one hit wonder rapper, Soulja Boy would have you believe this is his own console.


This is my jam! Great video… I love the master system.


While this device is not perfect out of the box it can be modded to add extra functionality and to greatly improve current functionality.


Said to be the first ever arcade game to feature parallax scrolling, Moon Patrol is something of an industry innovator but how is it as a game? Let’s take a look at Moon Patrol over many different formats.


Been a fan of his work before Youtube was a thing, more than a decade or so ago. Quality content. :ok_hand:


Cheers man. That means a lot.


Long long ago Capcom made many different types of games from shooters to platformers and racing games. These days they seem to make only fighting or action survival games.

Let’s take a look at an experimental title from them that combines driving with shooting. This is Last Duel.


This game looks awesome… I had never heard of it until today. I should load it up on the Amiga.


That’s that last machine you want to be playing it on. Boot it up on MAME.


Today we’re going to take a look at something a little different. This Mega Drive console is in the shape of a western arcade complete with 6 individual working buttons and digital joystick.


It’s on the Capcom PSP collections. Played it recently.


That’s right. Emulated Arcade ROM. May as well play it on MAME for free. I’m just not in to these emulation collections.