The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread


I gave this a like. Not because I like that you got a claim but because I wanted to show some support, that’s so rude!


Understood. Thanks!


A while back I covered the original Family Pocket handheld which was pretty good. Now we have the follow up. Can it continue with the quality found in the original?


So, there aren’t many boxing games in the arcade and what ones there are are not that great. But just how bad is Taito’s Final Blow?


I’ve watched enough of your videos now that I read your posts in your voice within my head, haha. Great content as usually, last I watched was the Family Pocket 2.


Last week during the first weekend of March 2019, the wife, son and I visited Osaka for the weekend. It’s actually quite far from where I live but it was a great trip.
We go to a few famous places included Universal Studios Japan.

0:01 - Starting the trip on the Shinkansen
01:18 - At the Hotel
03:06 - Osaka Castle
04:24 - Tsutenkaku Tower and Shinsekai area - Famous restaurant area
11:20 - Edo Period Town
15:41 - Shinsaibashi Famous shopping area
17:49 - Universal Studios Japan - Entrance and Despicable Me area
19:17 - Universal Studios Japan - Jurassic Area and ride
23:17 - Universal Studios Japan - Back Draft
24:54 - Universal Studios Japan - Harry Potter Area
28:43 - Universal Studios Japan - Roller Coasters and others


Really enjoyed that mate, my youngest just watched it and asked if we can go to Japan! He’s walking around saying “Japan” in the style of the Street Fighter 2 Japan stage voice :joy:

I better start saving for when Super Mario world opens!


Japaaann :joy: I’m glad you and your son enjoyed the video. Better start saving those pennies.


It’s an oldie today as we take a look at Venture. This video does not contain any home-brew remake such as those found on the Atari 8bit home computers, Atrai 5200 or Windows.


This time we are going to take a look at the new improved version of the X6. The old model was pretty awful. Fingers crossed this new model truly has been improved.


I don’t think I’ve played the other ports of it but the Coleco port of Venture is fun. I have to say the coleco is kind of fun under appreciated system, IMHO.


I had a lot of fun with the ColecoVision port.



Just updated the Spy. Hunter video