The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread


You have awesome videos. :slight_smile: It’s really nice to see Time Soldiers get coverage. That was a big game of my youth for arcade and home.


Thanks man. I do like to cover stuff that most wouldn’t bother with.


This week’s Battle of the Ports is from that wacky developer, Data East.


Ah, I have the Fami version, Buggy Popper, didn’t even realise it had a different name elsewhere!


It’s funny how the Famicom version has a unique name. I wonder if there already a game called Burnin’ Rubber on the Famicom.


I have bump n jump for nes. I like the music.


Did a live stream of the SNES Aladdin port to the Mega Drive the other day

And here is this week’s Battle of the Ports


A pretty good 10 dollar console.


Nice episode


haha so much hate for Mortal Kombat 3. While 2 is the better game, I loved the combo system, the stages and the music of the 3rd. I still play it pretty regularly on the SNES even though the DS version of Ultimate is the best. Great video btw


Pretty funny how your where either a Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat sort of person, though reality is there are nothing alike and it is kinda hard to compare one to the other.


Yeah, I just don’t like Mortal Kombat at all. But here’s a game I do like playing.


Jaleco make a shooter that is actually rather good.


A bit of an obscure one this week that surprisingly quite a few people asked for.


Who would have thought Puyo Puyo had so many ports! It’s even on the N-Gauge.


Love Puyo Puyo, it does indeed have so many ports, I assume you didnt cover the various renamed version, that would be madness :slight_smile:

Will be cheching out this episode for sure, thanks as always for your efforts…


Super famicom version of puyo puyo was my fave simply because I just love the music on there.


Yeah, I didn’t bother with the basterdised western versions.


Agreed 100%. I used the SFC versions music for the opening and ending to this show.


On the Puyo Puyo topic, I need some help since I’m fairly new to the series (yeah I’m a Robotik Mean Bean Machine PAL version kid):

I received Puyo Puyo Tsu (which I’m guessing is two) and Puyo Puyo Sun alongside my Saturn from Japan. The great seller was kind enough to bundle along a few titles he had lying around.

Where should I start? Which one is the best?