The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread


Super Puyo and Puyo Sun are the two I put the most time into back in the day, IMO the best two.


Those two are definitely the best. In terms of playing they’re really similar.

2 introduced countering which delays the garbage coming down and gives you a chance to pop your own combo at the opponent.

3 introduced the Sun puyo which are like a special type of garbage that when removed from your board gives extra garbage to your opponent. I think Sun is easier for less skilled players because of this.

Otherwise I’d recommend just diving into arcade mode (ひとりでぷよぷよ). The difficulty ramps up faster in 2; in Sun/3 there’s a truncated arcade mode which is much easier.


7" Gaming Tablet for under 50 US Dollars that loads Dreamcast roms?


That actually looks pretty nice at first. But the more I look at it, the more I realize it lacks any sort of ergonomics.


Thanks so much for the tips and translation of the arcade mode, I’ll be playing Sun first then! I might be playing against a friend too, so the sun thing sounds like it will make things fun with all the garbage!


Definitely go for Puyo SUN. Love it lots and love the humour in the intermissions


Many thought I’d never cover it but here we are with Killer Instinct on this week’s Battle Of The Ports.


Look forward to giving this a watch, no a fighter I have ever enjoyed, but show will be interesting if nothing else… :slight_smile:


All I can say is, “it’s better than Mortal Kombat.” :smiley: but I’m sure many a well aware that I hate Mortal Kombat.


This week on Battle of the Ports we take a look at the game which influenced the basis for modern fighting games.


Another confused system from China. It doesn’t know what it wants to be.


The totally awesome Virtua Cop is featured on this weeks Battle of the Ports with 6 versions to show.


Excellent video. I love Virtua Cop and its sequel so much. It’s just the perfect setting for a light gun game and the gameplay is so spot on because every shot feels like it hits exactly where you fire. Thanks!


I have that on the Saturn and it’s sequel!


Great video! I’m not really a fan of the updated look on the PS2. The original blockiness has a certain charm to it, which I really like.


After playing the PS2 version more I have to agree with you. It kind of looks dirty.


Last week my son and I went to IKEA in Shingu, Fukuoka city. Very close to IKEA is a pretty large Hard Off. We just had to check it out. Is it better than my local Hard Off?


There is a wide variety to hard off for sure. I’ve been to some with almost no games or mostly newer stuff ranging to others with a huge game section full of every system under the sun plus a massive junk section.


There sure is. This Hard Off has more than my store but the overall quality is far worse plus the prices in this store are terrible. That yellow dirty PC FX was 3000 yen more than a mint looking model my Hard Off had.


Are the Hard Off stores a franchise with individual owners or is it a corporate controlled chain? Here in the US, pricing at a chain like Gamestop is consistent nationwide for the most part, however there are independent stores all over and those always have their own pricing and widely varied selection.