The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread


A loved Gain Ground back in 1990 on the Mega Drive. I’m surprised it’s taken me 205 show to finally get around to covering it.


Gain Ground is a great game. I recommend it to anyone looking for something other than a platformer, shmup or beat ‘em up. Same goes for Soldiers of Fortune


It sure is. It’s one of those games you look at and think “That’s so dull” but once you start playing it you become hooked.


That’s so true. I remember looking at the Genesis box on the shelf at EB and being like, “Man, that has to suck.” When I finally played it I was like “Wow! This is awesome!”

Similar in that way to Rambo III on Sega Genesis. Another game I ignored til a friend raved about it.


I don’t think I’ve ever played Rambo lll on the MD. I should give it a try.


QBert? What’s a QBert? Find out what and how many on this week’s Battle of the Ports.


The new Cool Baby X9


Qix was a pretty fun but not really a looker of a game so Taito followed it up with Volfied.


Whoa, I never heard of this game!


I think in the US is was called Ultimate Qix or something like that.


“Quicks” lol

I’ll keep watching the video despite that.


So how do you say the game title? In Japan that’s how it’s pronounced - クイックス


I’m aware it’s widely pronounced ‘kicks’, but I’ve always called it ‘quicks’ myself. As an Italian person, I find pronouncing a ‘q’ the same way as a ‘k’ quite unnatural. ^^;


Thanks for watching Resident Dante.
In answer to your question, I live in Japan but do return to the UK once a year for a few weeks.



It was sold as an all new game and in some ways it was due to the new hardware but just how good were the ports of Race Drivin’? Let’s take a look on Battle of the Ports.


My only experience with this game is the horrible SNES version, which I got from my uncle as a child. I still have that cartridge. Your video brought back some horrible memories lol. At least I also got Street Fighter 2 from him at the same time. That game got played a bit more often. :joy:

Edit: Oh right, and I was playing the US NTSC version on my PAL SNES with an adapter at the time… so the frame rate was even worse than normal!


Oh man, that must have been agony playing the US Race Drivin on a PAL SNES. at least your uncle was kind enough to also give you Street Fighter :+1:


This time it gets modded


Capcom made so many great games that were’t fighters. Let’s take a look at a true gem.