The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread


I’m not sure of the corporate structure but the closest analogue in the US would be like Goodwill or Value Village crossed with a pawn shop, but way more stuff you would actually want to buy in much better condition. Prices vary in those stores too depending on how much they think they can get for an item but there is price lookup at hardoff/bookoff that the staff uses, of course local markets all vary.


Hi Guys, this week on Battle of the Ports we take a look at Virtua Cop 2. can the Saturn still keep up? Is the Dreamcast version better than the PlayStation 2? Let’s find out.


It’s a chain but stores are allowed to individually price depending upon location.


Great work on the Virtua Cop videoes @Yakumo!!


Great vid, really enjoyed this one, especially the bloopers lol.


Hehe, bloopers are kind of rare for me when doing voiceover recoding but for some reason I just wasn’t having a good time that day :joy:


Is it a shooter or a puzzle game? It’s Twinkle Star Sprites on this week’s Battle of the Ports.