The Sunday Night Shmup thread


Going to try a (semi weekly) thing where I post a picture of a shmup I’m playing on Sunday night using either the game’s packaging, title screen or an in game pic. Feel free to add your own pic or just reply with whatever shmup you’re currently playing, and it doesn’t have to be Sunday night, that’s just my own whatever thing for the thread.

Craving some Compile action so my Sunday night shmup is gonna be Zanac X Zanac. Been many years since I played it, originally bought at launch from NCS for about $60 in 2001 (thank goodness I kept it as it’s pretty spendy now)


Nice idea! I do love COMPILE.


I’m playing some Gunbird tonight.


Played both Zanac Neo last night and original Zanac (has both the “disc version” which I assume is the Fami disc version and “rom version” which is apparently the regular Fami/NES version). Still trying to figure out Zanac Neo’s combo system, pretty visuals and nice explosions. Original Zanac I enjoy more so far, I just love the gritty, bare bones visuals and am surprised at how many bullets sometimes fill the screen with little or no slowdown, maybe a benefit of the FDS? I also love how the bosses all have the same uniform look of being core bases with “eyes” that fire at you. Still haven’t found my first Blue Lander. :slight_smile:


Great thread idea! Played Donpachi with my sons yesterday. Awesome feeling! :slight_smile:


Nice! :+1:


IIRC, this version is available on PS3 as a PSOne import classic?


Not sure, first I heard of that. Would be nice though, I’d love to play this on PSP.


Yep… $6.


Oh awesome, great find for folks in the thread who want to play this. I forgot they occasionally did PS1 imports in the US store, I know Dezaemon was also one.


Galloping Ghost does a new cabinet reveal every Monday.

This week it’s GigaWing 2. Great game, not too difficult but still plenty challenging


GG have some great cabs. A friend of mine can regularly be found playing their Flicky cab.


Yeah I’ll be planning on stopping by there on my first visit ever to Chicago at some point. Maybe not in the winter time.

Since this is a shmup thread, I do know they’ve got one of those huge, rare Darius cabs. That would be pretty awesome to play, you can’t really replicate that with emulators.
Darius Burst EX:

I didn’t watch it all the way through so I apologize if the YouTube personality is annoying


Super Cobra, Vanguard, Galaga ‘88.

Kinda tough to play the first two honestly. The sound effects got fairly grating.

Galaga takes some patience also, but not as bad. It’s avtually got some pleasant game-over music and some sounds at the beginning of the game are fun.

The problem is once you get in to the game, I think they tried to replicate the effects of the original, which was not a great choice.


Nice, did you get any pics of the Darius cab? (assuming that’s the same place)

Edit: And why is there is a piece of cake next to my username? lol


Nah, that’s my Sega new net city cabinet in my attic. I’ve got a couple others, I’ll have to take a new group picture since I moved to Louisville a few months ago.


Cool, would like to see a pic sometime.

Haven’t played much of Galaga ‘88 but I do have Galaga ‘90 for TG-16 which is great.


I really hate Cobra and Scramble. Agree that Galaga 88/90 is great, though!


I’ve missed you, old friend…
(Not Sunday yet, but shooting love can’t be confined to one day now can it! :wink:)


There’s a few more in the Setup thread.