The Sunday Night Shmup thread


Nice, I’m watching some of the stream right now. Which version of 1943 is that?

Edit: Shienryu now, sweet!

Edit: Mixin’ it up with DK on Switch ACA, love it.


Awesome screen mount!


Nice, I’ve had my eye on the Mega Drive version of Raiden Trad recently and the TG-16 version as well which is also supposed to be a decent port.


That’s beautiful


Thanks guys! I used this mount from monoprice.

Much cheaper then expected and it works great!

I’ve been playing strikers 1945 and it is just so much better in Tate and with an arcade stick. I’m loving this setup!

After that I played some Ikaruga and some Crimson Clover


Thanks for watching! We were playing the Capcom Collections Vol 1 on Saturn, so it was arcade 1943 and arcade 1943 Kai. Yeah had to make sure to get some Saturn Shienryu in after talking about it.

My friend is on a big Donkey Kong kick right now and I’ve got a similar set up like Socks so he wanted to get some Donkey Kong action in at the end.


That’s nice that there are more options for this now. When I did mine there was like nothing out there, and the only place making rotating ones like that, were 300 bucks. Nice that there are affordable ones and ones that do a full 360 degrees now too.


Cool, latest Retro Gamer has a nice spread on the history and various versions of 1943, I didn’t realize the PC Engine port has exclusive stages. And I assume your friend has seen King of Kong and is aware of all the Billy Mitchell drama?


Yeah I just picked up that Retro Gamer because of the little 1943 section. I need to give the PC Engine version a try one of these days.

He has, and actually like hmmm 3 - 4 weeks ago I guess it was. We were helping Richie Knucklez (spelling) set up his new arcade here in Jersey, and Billy Mitchel and his son were there streaming some DK action. I didn’t really interact with him, but dude seems really weird.


I know you shouldn’t just a book by it’s cover but just looking at the dude… He looks like he would be a weird dude


He sells hot sauce and plays villains in documentaries. He might be a little weird.




As soon as I read your post I thought of Danko Jones’ “Getting Into Drugs” but substituted Shmups. :joy:

“I’m getting into Shmuuuuuups… and it’s blowing my mind!!”

“Feels good it feels good it feels good!”


Excuse me, do you have time to talk about Shmups?

Have you accepted Shmups as your personal gaming saviour?


Lol it’s a genre I’ve always wanted to get into. It wasn’t untill I went to Japan and actually sat down and played some that they started to click


That’s awesome. I think it’s easily in my top three genres. I’m all over the map with videogames as there are few genres I don’t like and even then I’ll play the best of that group and still have a blast.

I just love that shooters are so easy to pick up and play but feature lots of depth to plumb and require high skill to see all they have to offer.


I’ve always leaned towards fighters for my quick fix when I have limited time to play but I’m really trying to get away from them and start playing more arcade games, like shmups.

Rival Megagun

Has anyone seen this new indie shmup that came out yesterday ? It’s a “competitive shmup” which basically looks like puyopuyo x shmups. I’m really digging it with what I’ve seen and I’m hoping to get some performance impressions before I dive in on a platform.



About 5 years ago, I wasn’t sure what direction my career was heading in… and I dabbled in some independant video game development…

And the game I was making was a pvp SHMUP that was split down the middle of the screen vertically like this. Glad to see someone out there had a similar idea but with the skill to actually turn it into a game. I’d be down to try it and see how it plays.


Looks like it has a similar vibe to Twinke Star Sprites…

Speaking of which, thanks for reminding me of that gem, might take it for a spin on Sunday night! :smiley:


Really recommend Twinkle Star Sprites, especially for those of you who have friends/family to enjoy it with, the game really gets super fun with a little competition!


Ohhhh, I still need to get the Saturn port of TSS. Probably the only feasible way to get a home version since apparently due to rights issues Hamster probably won’t ever be able to bring it to Arcade Archives (at least that’s what I read somewhere, unless someone knows otherwise).