The Super Nintendo |OT| Thread - SNES is what SEGAIN'T


My favorite game of all time is hands down Super Mario World. I love everything about it. I have a SNES Jr that’s modded to use the HD Retrovision component cables and I’ve been gaming on a 14” flat screen Toshiba CRT. The picture is amazing. Lately I’ve been playing Sunset Riders and Super Metroid. I just picked up a Turtles in Time cart so I’m looking forward to getting back into that game too.

I’ve been getting back into collecting carts over the past year. I think I have about 50 SNES games now (and counting) lol.


For some strange reason I’ve been hooked on quirky sports games on the SNES and there’s a lot of baaaaad ones like Rap Jam: Vol 1. But there’s a few gems too like Super Baseball 2020.


Yeah, Super Mario World is my all-time favorite game as well!


This sounds awesome Socks. I’m gonna check out some youtube vids while on the treadmill today.


Now that’s its been revealed that he likes to, uhhhh, reveal himself its an even better time to check it out.


so a friend is selling his SD2SNES for $120 or so (which feels like a, it’s rev. E1b from 2012…would that model do the fancy thing with custom orchestral music in Zelda LTTP & such? just wanna make sure it does all the stuff more recent boards do!


I think mine is rev E as well, and it does indeed do all that. The only thing the rev F board did IIRC was to eliminate some visual noise on some SNES Jr. consoles.


Great thread!

My SNES never yellowed, but the CPU died (I think). The Black screen of death. It’s a launch SNES with audio board.


ah, doesn’t even apply to me then - good to know, cause i bought it! can’t wait till its here - thanks man!

already grabbing MSU files, heh. is there a quick guide on how to use em/where they go on the SD?


I got the black screen of death with my launch system in 2011. Strangely it ran Super Punch Out fine and had audio for Space Megaforce but for like 60 or so other games I tested it with, it was completely dead.


Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t played around with MSU that much myself actually (only have a 4GB SD card for mine and it’s pretty full…), but from what I remember I just put all the included files in their own directory on the card and it just worked.


hmm…okay, just gonna try putting them into a MSU1 folder and giving them each their own ones - i ordered a 16 GB SD card just for this purpose, and made sure the Project SD2SNES page said it was good for it, so this should be cool!


It really is.


I might be onto a decent haul pretty soon. Apparently a new co-worker’s grandparents have 3 boxes of snes/n64 games and systems that are just collecting dust. He’s not much into retro himself, but he knows they have a complete Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (PAL though, so that does put a damper on things, but still). He’s gonna take pics one of these days he says so I’m curious to see what they have. NGT is a good start anyway.




How did I miss this? This is probably the best console OT I’ve ever seen, super job man. My favorite console of all time deserves this caliber of high class OT though.


it is indeed! Mario Kart, Super Metroid (oh man), Terranigma & Mega Man X sound awesome…i couldn’t get the bat file in Rock N Roll Racing to convert my WAVs to PCM’s (anyone know a good site?), and i did everything right on Chrono Trigger but no music there yet sadly, gonna mess with that tomorrow night…wonder if i need to do anything in the settings for MSU1 boost or something?

also: anyone know how to get the SD2SNES to reset back to the OS, instead of the game itself?


I’ll keep my hype in check though, it could turn out to be a complete bust of course.



If you’re having issues with msu1 it’s usually the SD card. It’s very picky and you need to have a fast enough card which is easier said then done! You can test your card from the SD2snes menu.


yeah, i just got a 32GB (haha!) in yesterday from that very list, should have no issues now! and i’m guessing i can’t change that reset command? my select button on this ASCII is butt, i need to stop being lazy & clean it, haha. was hoping there’d be an option to set it to reset to the OS (i wanna say my mega everdrive did, but i know each of these is different) but that should work, cheers!

any other games i didn’t mention that’dve seen MSU1 support yet? hoping to round em all up!