The Super Nintendo |OT| Thread - SNES is what SEGAIN'T


Was just about to post the update posted on SD2SNES website but noticed you guys discussing SA-1 chip integration. Holy shit, SuperFX and SA-1 on the SD2SNES within the same year. Remarkable news!


Time for another question. Going through my setup deciding on some new cables for my SNES. I got my original RGB SCART cable years ago before all the extra sheilded cables were out and want to get one of them now. Get some audio dropping in and out on some games through the OCCS now so hoping that will fix it but really just want the best quality thing I can get.

Going to buy from Retro Console Accessories store since they are where I got all my older cables (unless there is a better alternative now), but wondering if the csync cable or sync on luma is a better option. Long term I’ll be running it though a gscartsw_lite and then to a pvm/bvm and the ossc to my main tv. Also may or may not get a 1chip snes with the rgb bypass board if that matters at all to which I get. Know that the 03 version of the 1chip needs to be modded for csync, but since I’ll be getting work done anyway that isn’t a problem if it is better then luma.

Thanks for any help.


I’ve read/heard the Pack a Punch cables from Retro Gaming Cables (UK) are better than Retro Console Accessories. The RCA cables aren’t bad, all of my scart cables are from them, but the RGC ones are considered better per the retro roundtable.


Got any links to comparisons? Those are the two sellers I was looking into. Then there is also the extra resistor options on csync cables that are confusing me.


Sorry, I don’t know of any comparisons. I’m not sure if you would see much on a still photo to photo comparison.

Here’s a link to the NTSC RGC. I don’t recall the retro roundtable where they all said they would choose the UK seller over the US seller. I’ll search around tomorrow for it. There wasn’t much technical discussion about the reasons as why one over the other and they didn’t really say anything negative about RCA’s cables. I think if you need to have longer cables, or have a lot of cables in the area, a cable with each wire shielded would be preferred to one that does not have that.



Oh man i need my cart patched asap! I knew it would happen at some point.


What game is this?


Tengai Makyou Zero; there was a fan translation released a few months ago.

Because the game uses a special chip it isn’t currently possible to play on any flash cart, and also because the fan translation increased the ROM size it was difficult to get repros going. Started seeing them a few months ago and finally bit on one.


Cool. Have you played the earlier games?


Unfortunately no. I have Ziria, Manji Maru, Fuun Kabuki Den, and Daiyon no Mokushiroku but I got them and a PC Engine right around the time my son was born so game time has been fairly limited. They’re on my list but I think I’ll be going through Zero first since it’s in English and easier to understand.


I wonder if that means its not possible to flash the original board…


It is, I’m not sure of all the details but it requires some extra components on top of a new EEPROM.


Well that doesnt sound too bad…now to just find someone who could do it… im guessing it would be a little more extra than usual.


I would just like to note that one of Nintendo’s biggest mistakes (and it was repeated with N64) was not having the label reach the top of the Super Famicom carts. Grey nondescript cartridges in a row make for difficult discovery when you want to play a game in your library.


Nah, Nintendo’s biggest mistake was to ship their games in cardboard boxes. Who gives a crap about the label when the cartridge and manual are safe in a plastic clamshell box?


Hooray for NA style SNES carts?


Agreed. NES games coming in cardboard boxes was understandable because that was the norm in the industry but they should’ve followed Sega’s lead with the Master System and Genesis. I still get upset when I see loose carts that originally came in a plastic box. Didn’t those people know I’d eventually want to buy their old games?


I think it came down to profit margins. Even SEGA started shipping stuff in cardboard to try and cut the costs which bothers me even more having a few oddball cardboard games in with all my beautiful clamshells.


Yep. Later in the 16bit generation around the time Sonic and Knuckles came out a lot of releases came out in cardboard boxes.

I don’t mind loose carts, myself. I can’t stand loose discs though. I’ll never buy a game that comes on a disc without it being complete in box.

Nearly all my SNES games are loose, but it never bothered me.