The Super Nintendo |OT| Thread - SNES is what SEGAIN'T


So my daughter really wanted me to turn a system on for her this weekend. She kept trying to plug controllers into the super Nintendo, so I put it on for her to mess around with. Had my Everdrive in, so I just scrolled through to find a colourful game that might hold her interest.

I ended up booting Super Bonk. Being unfamiliar with the series (or, I should say actually playing the series), I was surprised by how garbage the controls felt! Bonk has an airy, floaty lack of precision. It made jumping really difficult. I actually switched to another game to make sure my settings were correct and I wasn’t dealing with abhorrent input lag or something.

Anyone familiar with this title? I had a fair amount of fun exploring the first couple levels, mainly because my daughter loved pointing out the yellow things to collect; YELLOW is her favourite colour to say. Not sure I’d ever return though. Is it worth my time, or should I stick to the PCE Bonk games?


iirc, the floaty weird controls is in all of the games. I know this was the rub that I had with getting a TG16 back in the day. Still wish I got one.


I sometimes wonder how much of what I like about the SNES design is tied to my nostalgia since I just like the normal original US one, colors and all, and everyone else seems to hate it. :c


The SNES has my favorite retro games. I have nostalgia for the Volvo but honestly, the other ones are better and I remember seeing the SFC in Nintendo power with red buttons and I was so excited. Then we got that purple Lego brick…

Then I saw the SFC design with all the colored buttons and cool design. My early impressions of the SNES were colored by all the pre-release design of the SFC that I saw. So I always felt it was a bait and switch and bad move by NOA. I remember all of my friends that followed it like I did were super disappointed. I even imported Japanese games for the system. I’ve always longed for the SFC design and when the Super NT came out, I bought that one.


I still wish they went for the button layout from that design.

B     X


I hate getting used to the on screen queues with the switch and then going to play xbox or vice versa. I love the PS4 for this (unless you import ps hardware from japan).


Does anyone know a good source for SNES cart resistor specs? Is there one? Each cart seems a little different so I’m not sure if there is a standard ohm resistor used on the pcb’s. I need to replace a couple on a Mario Paint cart I’m trying to revive (mostly for soldering practice).


You can look up the PCB scans on SNES central and then decipher it from there (resistors have different lines on them depending on their spec)


Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!


I’m so sick of shitty controller membranes. I’ve ordered at least 5 different ones and they all suck. I’m about ready to gut 2 of my SNES classic controllers unless anyone knows a better option ?


Same. I love everything about it.


buy a junk/broken/piss yellow snes or sfc pad and pinch them from that


Same. I ordered new membranes for the GBC but decided to keep the old ones. Ordered two sets for my SNES controller but the LR ones were all problematic. dpad and face buttons were better, but squeaky :confused:

They will likely have used / dried membranes too though.


Some pick ups over a couple weeks

Space Megaforce, Wild Guns, and Aero Fighters were all picked up off of eBay at decent enough discounts.

Young Merlin is CIB as is Marvelous.

Dark Half along with Marvelous have translation patches and they are on my sd2snes so I can enjoy those games.


Redguy is the hero we needed !


Hooooooly sheeeeiiiiiiiiiittttt

So many possibilities. There’s loads of SA1 hacks, including smw ones.


Wow, that’s huge!


Hey, and I was just looking into finally getting one (an SD2SNES). Still think I’ll wait till black Friday, them sales are hard to pass.

Love that there is actually work being made on this though. For years I read that it was possible for there to be support of the unsupported chips sometime in the future but I never heard about anyone working on it. Now within a year the two big ones have a path.


Great news


Alcahest features passwords right?