The Super Nintendo |OT| Thread - SNES is what SEGAIN'T


Is there any place you can buy the SNES Classic controllers without buying the console itself? I tried it at a friends house and those pads are lovely, but I have no desire for the box.


In Japan’s Club Nintendo, one of the giveaways were SFC controllers that can be used as classic controllers when hooked up to a wii remote. You can still grab them on eBay:

They used to be much pricer (around 80 bucks) but the price has come down since the SNES classic released. I haven’t used it personally, but I’d be shocked if it weren’t of equal or better quality to what is being sold with the SNES Classic.


I miss Club Nintendo so much.


Has anyone played the Last Bible games?

I’m an hour in, so just started, Last Bible III via a translation patch. It seems somewhat obscure so interested if others have played it. Appears it was released on Wii U also.

Worth playing? It seems interesting, but some aspects (satchel, magic, item/mineral combinations) seem confusing. Perhaps they will clear up after playing more?

(edit) wait, these are megami tensei games? (based on link URL below) sorry, tired, long day.


Maridia in Super Metroid sucks right? It’s been a few years since I last beat SM and I don’t remember having this much trouble traversing this area like I am now. Holly shit, I legit loathe this whole map area from top to bottom. The layout, the grappling, and the god awful quicksand. Just kills my ability and drive to progress.


It’s not too bad. Definitely slows things down at first though.


Played about an hour of Super Mario World today with my daughter. She’s getting better, made it to vanilla dome (I played the ghost house and castles). Best secret metroidvania?


Haha, Ben Elgin on the Retronauts podcast always jokes that SMW is a Metroidvania.


Yep, that’s where I got it from. Tossing it out to see about a response. Well played sir!

I’m not sure I completely agree but it’s not far off. Castlevania OoE is one of the closest I’ve played with the separate levels and lack of one main castle/area.


Nice. Wondered if that was your reference!


I got past it, finally. The space jump really makes the place a non issue. lol

So I also beat the whole game. I still maintain its the best SNES game for me but Maridia is a chore without the space jump.

I now moved on to Yoshi’s Island on my Super Nt…

This shit POPS!


OMFG! I forgot about the dizzy puffy things. They caught me off guard, and suddenly Yoshi’s high as a mother fucker and the music started hitting very high notes. I couldn’t play the game from how hard I started laughing. Fucking LOL!