The Super Nintendo |OT| Thread - SNES is what SEGAIN'T


Mostly soundtrack/audio upgrades can be found with SNES games that have great soundtracks. Like:-
Zelda LTTP
Chrono Trigger
TMNT Turtles in Time
F Zero
Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing

For visual and audio upgrades (HQ audio and FMVs):-
Zelda LTTP
Chrono Trigger

MSU-1 exclusives games:-
Road Avenger
Some weird Conker’s bad fur day sequel hack that uses Zelda LTTP.


The Super Famicom Wars english translation is up!



okay so i literally just made an everdrive thread, but i thought i’d ask in here: i’m playing seiken densetsu 3 on my SD2SNES, and the game’s locking up on the ghost ship boss battle.

thought this ROM was good but guess not? still, i really don’t wanna start all over again…does anyone know how to get a gamesave to work on another ROM?


anyone have a link/video on cleaning an SNES ASCII pad? i know it’s prolly simple but i don’t wanna fuck it up when putting stuff back together and i’m ass at this kinda thing

also years ago my dog chewed through my SNES advantage cable, cutting it off right by where it plugs in. is the wiring there tricky?


Why not take pictures as you take it apart? I’ve done this multiple times,especially with repairs around the house.


I literally just took mine apart, cleaned everything, scrubbed the shell, replaced the membrane /rubbers and put it back together.

It’s extremely simple and you can’t fuck it up. Beware the sliders and their dust covers like to fall out when you open It up. I lost my B sliders for a hot minute.


I am aware of the raphnet adaptor, but has anyone rewired a SNES Classic controller to a regular SNES one to be used on s SNES console or Analogue Super NT?


The Korean version of Yoshi’s Island I got on ebay for £20 arrived today! It looks brand new/never been used. Absolutely zero sign of wear on the PCB pins.

and it’s the american version, like most of the Korean releases:

battery was dead though, so I replaced it with a holder:

took the opportunity to do the same with all of my SNES carts this morning. No need to buy tabbed cr2032s anymore!


Nice! I didn’t know about the Korean releases being the US NTSC versions, but it makes sense I guess. Rather than spending resources making a unique version in that language might as well release the version with the language that most people there are likely to know.

Do you have any recommendations for which battery holders to get btw?


Yeah, there’s only a couple of releases that aren’t the US versions and they’re nothing notable compared to the rest. There’s a list here:

As for the battery holders, I bought these:

They only took a few days to arrive. Remove the old battery, put a new cr2032 into one of the holders and fold out the metal tabs underneath while it’s in said holder, then simply solder it into the PCB. The tabs are a 100% fit and the height is no different to a standard battery with tabs, so the shell fits fine too.


Yoshi’s Island is downright phenomenal.


So i just snagged an SNESjr/2, and im gonna want to RGB amp mod it (apparently it outputs the sharpest out of the variants afterwards) but is there anyone on the boards that does mods? I know Baphomet used to be one of the go to people back in the day (he modded my nes and n64).

On a side note, i need to get my Genesis region modded too.


If you’re in UK/EU, I do. I’ve installed numerous RGB and optical/digital audio SNES Jr mods and NESRGB

Just a bit strapped for time at present


Probably should’ve mentioned my location heh. North America here (US, Texas)


Ah yeah, bit of a distance!

If anyone here closer needs stuff done, feel free to give me a shout. I make sure all my mods are documented, and I don’t use hot glue!


Overclocked a copy of Starfox just now! It was really easy to do, and the results are fantastic. terrible photos, sorry but it’s 2am here and I’m tired:

Starfox ROM removed. I did the same to a copy of Stunt Race FX, the aim being to move Starfox over to that PCB with the newer revision of the SFX and a direct line to the timing crystal (which I bypassed)

Soldered in. Removed the battery, because it doesn’t need it.

yay it works

connection to the old timing crystal cut (removed a resistor) and the replacement 27mhz one soldered in

Tight fit. Insulated the back of that edge with kapton tape


RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

I am huge fan of the SNES. It is my favorite Nintendo system. A couple years ago I set out to complete my Working Designs collection and I did that about 8 months ago. Since then I’ve decided that I want a longer term goal so for me I chose the complete US retail collection of Super Nintendo games. I am currently at about 120 games so I have a ways to go. I figured it would be fun to update here whenever I got new games to share my thoughts and to hear others opinions.

Mortal kombat 2 is mortal kombat.

I’m looking forward to playing super turrican 2 because I like the run and guns like contra and mega turrican on the genesis is really fun.

Super solitaire is very fun to play. I was only familiar with the Klondike method of playing and this game has a ton more.

Actraiser 2 looks fun although when I initially tried the game to make sure it works i was overwhelmed by enemies on the screen and got my ass kicked.

On the ball is a simple tilt and tumble puzzle game were you control the board rotating clockwise or counterclockwise to guide a ball to the end goal.

Batman returns seems like a solid beat em up.

Paladins Quest is an rpg. That is my favorite snes genre so I look forward to playing this.

Street combat seems like D+ fighting game that put the name street in it to trick parents into buying it over street fighter. I could be wrong though as I only played it for a little bit. Perhaps the game can grow on me.

Boogerman is earthworm Jim with boogers, burps, and farts. Ill probably like it.


Anyone know of any place that sells replacement SNES buttons? I want SFC colours but I still want the concave shape of the NA X and Y. Everywhere I see has the convex shape for all four which I don’t really want.


More pickups for the week.

I’m excited to play actraiser as it’s an unusual genre mashup I don’t recall playing (maybe brutal legend counts as the same).

I have the wing commander games on pc and I have the first wing commander on Sega cd. Maybe this is a good to competent version. I hope so.

NBA Jam is one of my favorite arcade sports games. I’m happy to have this.

I have ultima 7 on pc and think it’s one of the best rpgs ever made. I hear this a stripped down action-y version of the game. To me that means it can still be a great game. A slight semi-tangent if I may, I bought the black box pc version of the game off of amazon years ago. The person selling it must have gone through their kids old stuff without thourghly checking it because when I received it it had an old bag of weed in it.

I don’t know much about the mechwarrior franchise other than it has mechs in it and it was another pc port to the snes (coincidence/trend in this week’s pickups). I have seen @Dark1x digital foundry retro video on mechwarrior 2 and reccomend that and all the videos he has made to everyone (if you aren’t already aware of them).

Lethal enforcers is a light gun game you can play with a controller or light gun. I do not have the light gun. I do have a controller.