The Super Nintendo |OT| Thread - SNES is what SEGAIN'T

Recently added a cheap copy of SD F-1 GRAND PRIX to a Japan order. It was mislabelled so got a loose cart for less than the going rate. Boxed prices are silly. This one bought for a friend but I thought I’d try it first.

It’s a very good Mario Kart style racer.

Perhaps the weapons don’t seem as balanced, and some walls are annoying so I much prefer the courses with rumble strips. Oh, and there’s only speech commentary during races, no music.

But overall it handles great, is challenging in just the right way, and the courses are well designed, I’m sure I’ll like it even more if I put the effort in to learn the courses, of which there are lots! Might have to try it’s 2P “dogfight” (battle) mode soon.

Cart has an SA-1 chip in it.

There’s a FASTROM patch to make it even more silky smooth.


Years ago I sold my copy of US Chrono Trigger when I was in a stupid minimalist phase.

I’ve been meaning to get another copy for a while. I grabbed a repro box about a year ago to put it it (just quietly, repro boxes are getting insanely good and this could be a huge risk in the future).

So I grabbed a copy at a good price as a birthday present, but annoyingly it’s got some yellowing which didn’t show in the listing.

I’m not sure what to do now, it’s not that bad but it annoys me. And weirdly it’s patchy.

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I’d only be upset if I paid “mint” prices. A lot of my cartridge based games are uglier games I got at a discount. As long as it plays well, the PCB is intact and the label doesn’t have markings (a little faded is fine) I don’t mind some wear if it saves me a few bucks.


Yeah I totally agree with that philosophy, and am generally happy with some defects if the price is good.

I recently got an original Alien 1979 theatrical daybill poster. I’ve been watching for one for ages but they usually go for AU$400-500 for great condition. But I got one with a small hole and some wear for AU$150. A bit of black backing paper behind the hole and it looks great in the frame!

The hole:

I like the wear on these type of things, adds bit of character as they were actually used in the cinema 44 years ago.

But this Chrono looked better in the listings, the photos were obviously done under standard orange light globes so it was hidden. I got it for a good price, the best price I can see on ebay for a cart with an intact label, but looks like 15% more (maybe 20-25% more with postage, since I’d have to get from the US) would get a great condition cart.

So I’m working out what to do.


Nothing is forever. Keep it for a bit then sell it on to fund the upgrade. Annoying, but reasonably easy to sort out in the long term.


yeah I’d be annoyed too, and why I also tend not to go for mint prices

probably why I just settled for a SFC complete in box for my physical copy, just to commemorate one of my favorite games. in addition to being much lighter on the wallet, I think the art is cooler anyway

Metroid to SNES port to be released tomorrow:


Perfect timing, been looking for SFC titles I had no idea existed (and are entertaining to play). This one looks like it fits the bill.

I’m actually on the way to visit a Famicom shop in Kyushu (west Japan) that’s been open for around 30-35 years. Hope the owner has it!

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Famicom shop in Kyushu? Kyushu is the entire bottom island of Japan. Which part of Kyushu do you mean?
I’m in Kyushu now on my way home to Honshu :+1::smiling_face:
Currently sitting on a train in Moji.

Nakatsu City, the place is called Famicom Dojo.

I’ve only been around the west side of Kyushu (not including Kitakyushu/Kokura to the north-east) so the east side was new to me!

Didn’t have time to go anywhere else though, came from Shimonoseki this morning.

Kyushu is still my favourite region of Japan, very nostalgic for it.

Did a quick Google and found this

Haha, amazing. When I visited the store was shut, but the kind elderly gentleman noticed me and let me in. Got Assault Suits Valken and yep, got sweets with my purchase too.

The visit felt like I might have been transported to being a kid there in the late 80s or something. Was worth the train ride down from Kokura for sure!

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A bit like TV Games Ma-ya?

Would have been cool to go that final day with Arino and Nagoshi (Yakuza)

Or maybe more like the now defunct Game Shop 1983 in Sapporo

Nice write up! Yeah, stores like that are really hard to find now, I visited one in Niimi earlier this week but the classic games selection wasn’t great.

One of my favourites is Sekai no Inchikido in Karatsu, Saga. It still seems to be open for business, shop owner has a huge pile of PlayStation consoles at the entrance for some reason haha. It’s like the Dreamcast tower in your blog post.

Edit: Anaya in Hiroshima was also rather good, I was looking for Madou Monogatari on Saturn but they didn’t have it, so the store owner showed me a map he made with all the game stores in the local area. I’d already been to half of them (your usual recycle stores) but nice of him to do that!

…and if it’s still open, Culture Arts in Fukuoka had some cool items in stock. I remember seeing the Sharp TV with a Super Famicom built in to it there

No way, I may have seen you at Shimonoseki Station. I saw a white guy that I’ve never seen before. There’s not many white guys in Shimonoseki.
We’re you sitting on the black seats on the station platform with a blue wheeled case (from what I remember) at around 7:45?

Wasn’t me but would have been an amazing coincidence! I’d have recognised you from your YouTube channel haha

Ah, never mind. It would have been an amazing coincidence if it was you though :+1:

Do you think a 1chip worth it on little Trinitron ? (RGB of course)

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It’s Panel de Pon season!


Something funny I saw

Yellowing SNES Mini.