This summer, C-Smash (Cosmic Smash sequel for PSVR2) released and was totally under the radar. Anyone here play it?

This release is a niche sequel to a niche game that very few non-hardcore SEGA fans would have on their radar. But I’m curious to hear if anyone here played it. I really dug the original Dreamcast installment and want to know if I should eventually grab a PSVR2 for this game and maybe a few other small arcade-like experiences.

It certainly looks authentic based on footage. But whether it controls well, has that arcade feel, and has good replay value is what I’m interested in here.

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I believe the original was an arcade game before Dreamcast.

I don’t have a PS5, nor the VR setup. BUT I did win a Press Pack for it on Twitter. I mean, I have no use for that but it was nice to win something. It remains unopened.

Same as this:

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You’re correct - it came out on the Sega Naomi and the Dreamcast.

waiting till vr2 is like $200 down the road (maybe there’ll be more games by then?), but this and replaying rez are top of the list when it happens

There was a summer back in my teenager days where I’d play the entirety of REZ almost daily. Substances may or may not have been involved.

I think I’ve played REZ so much (basically can hit every enemy 100% of the time on the original Dreamcast release) that the PSVR release felt too easy for me due to the motion controls.

It’s an amazing video game, but I think I’m REZ-retired even if I do get PSVR2.

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Huh, I never even heard of Cosmic Smash.

Always something new to check out, even among old stuff!


You should definitely give it a look although it’s a bit pricey these days.

It’s a classic arcade game that you’d expect from Sega during the Dreamcast era. It fits right in with games that are fun, creative, and addictive in short bursts like Crazy Taxi or Monkey Ball.

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Cosmic Smash is brilliant. So glad I imported way back when it was still relatively current. I just can’t do VR or I’d be on this already.

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