What VR games are you playing these days? Any suggestions? Let's also include Virtual Boy in the discussion.

We have threads for what retro games people are playing as well as what modern games people are playing. But in this thread, I’m curious, what games are you playing in VR specifically?

I still haven’t beaten Astro Bot and am slowly chipping away at it - playing an hour or so every few weeks. It’s a fun game, bot I’m not as in love with it as many other people are. It just feels a bit too linear for a 3D platformer in my humble opinion. Even Super Mario 3D Land had a much more open design than this. Still, I’m impressed with how charming it is and how beautiful the graphics are.

I’m also starting a playthrough of Teleroboxer in Virtual Boy - I’ve never advanced far in it, but I intend to change that now.

So, what VR games are you playing? And what VR recommendations to you have? I’m curious to hear about them!

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Best of luck on Teleroboxer - despite the difficulty it really is worth persevering with, think of it as a fun new challenge of committing wholly new controls to memory which you rarely get with today’s standardised control schemes. The later fights really up the ante.

As for VR - the one modern game I really want to play is Everybody’s Golf VR.

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I’m currently playing some games in stereoscopic 3D in the big screen VR app (available in oculus, steam, etc.) It’s nice visiting newer and older titles in 3D. You can join in for a look/chat. My environment is publicaly accessible in the game lobby under my nickname when I’m playing. Currently featuring: sonic & all-stars racing transformed, shadow of the tomb raider, and some assorted Wii/gc games. Whatever I feel like playing in the moment.

I really hope Half Life Alyx releases on Sony’s PSVR2, like it’s rumored. I’ve watched a friend play it, and it’s amazing. I have the original Sony PSVR, but haven’t used it for about 2 years, because I’ve been waiting for this new hardware. I don’t have too much space, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some decent gameplay with most games.

For anyone with a pc headset or oculus quest, I cannot recommend synth riders enough. Best rhythm game I’ve played, and in my personal opinion leaps and bounds better then beat saber. It’s quite a workout on hard mode and beyond.

My Oculus Quest should be in Monday. Can’t wait to play it.

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